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  1. As a new player I genuinely don't understand this rule and had experience of it yesterday and got accused of being a rule breaker. I have played on every popular exile server, epoch server etc. I have 4k+ hours. Just do not understand this one bit, what purpose does it serve? So I am flying to the safe zone in a humming bird. We are on the way there I am 2.5km from the safe zone when we start taking fire. I presume its from the mission we went past, my passenger informs its a pawnee. We are now 2km at full speed from the safe zone... Legitimately 10 or 20 seconds away from the zone.... We avoided the fire with some low flying and strafing etc... Next thing the guy lands next to me and is legit crying about rule breaking. Now I read the rules and see its a rule... but what on earth am I supposed to do in this situation? I cant out run him as we have the same speed.... am I just supposed to fly in circles next to the trader until he or someone else kills me? Do we have to emergency land so we slow right down and make ourselves an easy target for him or anyone else watching? I felt in this situation it was borderline senseless, but as its a rule I thought there must be a reason for it.. But then I thought about it again, if I am driving in a offroad omw to the trader already and a HMG stryder starts chasing me, and I cant shake his tail.... then surely the only real viable defence is to make it to the trader.... Like this situation seems completely even and fair. The guy has a time limit to blast me and in all honestly the cards are firmly stacked in his favour. Similarly if I actually managed to make it away to the safe zone after being chased for a couple of minutes surely I did pretty well... Like the fact I could actually banned for evading an armed armoured vehicle seems a little unfair. What is the reason for this rule, as a new player I have no idea? I have had it plenty of times where I am chasing someone, if they manage to escape to the safe zone then they outdid me, its my bad. The fact someone would even consider this as a situation where they would report someone..... its unimaginably weak imo. To chase an unarmed dude in an offroad or a humming bird in your armoured vehicle and then report them after they evade you becasue you missed every shot... just wow. Just seems in a lot of situations you are just asking the weaker party to pretty much accept death because the person who cant shoot in the armoured / armed vehicle might get upset over it if you evade them....
  2. Thank you, yes sometime I literally cannot see anything when someone is prone, seems a little odd to me but what can you do. Thanks.
  3. Even at like 100-200 meters....?
  4. Still didn't really do anything for me thank you for advice though
  5. I have done this already and some other graphics changes, will see if it makes a difference next combat situation.
  6. So people go into the ground at like 200m +... Is this server enforced or is there anything I can do about it? https://plays.tv/video/5c153eafef17722269/terrain-texture Like this is an ok example as you can see some of the guy right, but like yesterday I was fighting with friends at an objective and there is a guy 100% at the objective, I am perched 250m away overlooking it. We want to go in but no one can see the guy sop my friend runs in and then I just see the guy stand up out of the ground in front of me and start shooting..... Is there anything I can do to stop this effect? I have £2600 tower I put together about 3 months ago with a 1080ti in it. Its top of the range. Thank you for any help or advice.
  7. Just seen this... added you dude. We are UK / EU mainly but maybe we can get some more US players and we play all sorts of times. Will be playing a lot this weekend so feel to come join!
  8. If you dont mind grouping with EU players you are welcome to come play with me and some people who have been recruited. We play on weekends mainly but if we have players on we will play weekdays to. Send me a message if you are interested. We are just starting out on the server mostly and have like 3k hours + each for the most part.
  9. Hi looking to get back into exile. I have around 4000 hours in arma 3 alone and have played every iteration of epoch or exile and pretty much every other popular mod for A2 and A3. Used to playing and leading my own groups however my friends I usually play with can no longer commit to Exile regularly. I am 32 years old and from the UK would prefer a mature group of players, I don't care about age just no screaming and shouting on voice comms, nice and clear for missions etc. Doesn't mean I am not for a laugh just time and place etc. I can fly heli's and planes and have experience with all the weapons. My best skill would probably be tactics and strategy, I like groups who plan their entry points and identify likely sniping positions etc. before missions. If anyone is interested in teaming up or please send me a message or reply here.
  10. Jay I am in the same boat, I have 4000 hours in arma, let me know if you want to try teaming up. I have a few friends who may join as well and I am sure we can find some good players in the server who are looking for a small / new group to join.