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  1. Azu

    Items missing

    What's your territory name? Most likely someone just scanned your locks and opened the safe. Oh and if you have the possibility to open a ticket on discord that would make things easier.
  2. Also: 9600k usually can be overclocked to 5Ghz on all cores easily.. i only needed to up the voltage by like 0.015V or something..
  3. Afair the values i mentioned belong to the mission, not the map itself. So it should work on every map. But i'm not sure, last time i looked at the editor must've been 10 years ago.
  4. I know about the hotkeys, but they don't help in most of these situations. You usually have to choose between not seeing anything because of grass or seeing the enemy but not knowing if you can actually shoot them or if they are behind a mountain ridge (or not seeing them at all because they are sunk into that mountain ridge).
  5. So... since having low terrain without any grass is an option i'm pretty sure 99.9% of the players use it. Having no grass is fine, but low terrain details create players/NPCs/Vehicles that glitch into mountains or that float in the air at medium to longer distances. Is there any chance of removing (or cutting) the grass while being able to keep terrain details on Ultra? Server Side that is. I know there are some options revolving around this, mainly in the clutter class. I once played on a server that had the grass cut down really low so it didn't interfere with shooting when prone. That might still have been ArmA 2 OA though. scaleMax = 1.0; scaleMin = 0.5; clutterDist = 100; These three might be a good starting point for testing...
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