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  1. hm, looks like the forwarding stopped working. Jukka is working on fixing it, it will be discord.spartangaming.co.uk again. for now please use this one: https://discord.gg/YghSgtUArK
  2. Added: XP reward to buying VG slots Added: XP reward to uploading data cache Fixed: An error with the RadZone CP Crate Fixed: Some missing/wrong file paths Fixed: Values of some private clothing Fixed: Glock sounds Changed: CDF map marker doesn't show the remaining AIs anymore. AI count can now be seen in the bottem left Status HUD as long as you're close enough to CDF. Changed: Time needed to copy the data cache reduced to 60secs Changed: Planes bought from the aircraft traders at Balota, NWAF and NEBM spawn in the direction of the corresponding
  3. Rules removed the "safes must be accessible on foot via doors" rule. Gameplay Removed terrain quality settings (always forced to Ultra now) Removed Grass Moved Mk-1 EMR and MK18 to Black Market Added "Deploy Jetski" button in XM8 (needs an extension cord like a quad bike) Added Double XP Area that will appear around some missions Added DataCache Mission/Event Added Samurai Kit (Uniform/Vest/Helmet/Sword) Added DVL10 Sniper Rifle (available at BM) Added CMMG Mk47 Mutant Rifle (available in SZ) Added some tagging logos
  4. Changed: Added a chance to spawn Snipex Alligator variants to CDF crates Added a chance to spawn Snipex Alligator variants to another mission (find out yourself) Added new Mission: XH9 Steal Fixed: Snus & Databrus Mission: fixed a glitchy spot at the door to the rear deck of the destroyer that caused players to fall into the ship and die Blacklisted doors, hatches and windows for the tagging/spray-paint system (could be abused to effectively block visuals from one side)
  5. Fixed: removed remains of the Exile M107 from the game (remaining AI and CDF configs, replaced existing weapons in safes with M107-X Black)
  6. Changed: Maximum view distance increased to 3500m
  7. Changed: NTW price has been changed to 20k (from 30k) NTW API and APT ammo price has been changed to 1400 (from 1500) NTW HEI ammo price has been changed to 20k (from 30k)
  8. Added: Tagging This brand new feature allows you to spray-paint objects with different pictures. This form of creative vandalism will stay for 2 days for premium players and for the restart for everyone else. We might reduce the premium duration if we believe it's too much. Press Ctrl+P to open the menu (If it's not working press Tab, then press Reset All. You can also set a custom keybind in the Tab menu.) We will update the SG Mod again shortly to add more tags. If you already have a family uniform we will add your logo/picture for free. Just open
  9. Fixed: removed some bushes blocking stairs in ghost town fixed link to rules page in xm8 possibly fixed ai/mission vehicles sometimes having forbidden items in them removed more useless weapons and ammo from traders (ongoing process) fixed another bug in the ammo perk Change: changed price of all Golf GTI 16V Mk2 back to 7000 disabled double xp enabled raiding lowered prices for the SMA ACR 5.56 weapons in trader to 1500
  10. Weapons: Spawn pistol for kit ranks 1-4 has been changed to Glock 18 increased price of the Mk-I EMR and it's ammo to match weapons of a similar power level (e.g. SA58, Sopmod) Fixed: Corrected some spawn locations for CDF reward vehicles fixed a bug that resulted in the "Trigger Happy" XP perk giving players the double amount of bonus mags for kit ranks 1-4 Will be active next restart.
  11. Changes for the Wipe of April 2023: Weapons: Middle tier spawn weapon has been changed to a silenced MP5 (from PDW) High tier spawn weapon has been changed to the Kovrov AK (from M27) The Navid+Ammo has been removed from Black Market. You can still get it through missions or in the rad zone. Rules, Building and missions: The max building height has been increased by 5m (30m to 35m). The safe/container height limit has been removed. Safe rooms must not be made from glass building parts (single quick access safes on a glass
  12. New Added a black M107-X Added Offroad AT and MB 4WD AT (mission reward vehicles) Added some family uniforms Added new base paints (under misc. Needs premium.) Added new territory flags (useable by everyone) Added a Capture Point in the Radiation Zone with special loot Added new traders on Cherno, including both Black Markets New CDF on Cherno (alternates with the old one like on Altis) Altis: Players that logged out within 500m of the CDF will get moved to Sofia or Paros if they log in within the first 15 minutes after a restart.
  13. Wipe time! The wipe will happen on Friday 6th of May at 3PM (UTC) Tomorrow basically The wipe is for both Chernarus and Altis! Everything is being wiped. Nothing is staying! We have some changes to come. A changelog was posted here. The [SG] Mod will need to be updated, that will also update before the wipe giving people time to download it.
  14. Weapons NEW: re-added the M134D "Epilator" to the game. Brrrrrt. Where? Find out yourself. CHANGE: removed the minimum activation range for the 3GL CHANGE: the suppressed M320 uses a different sound FIX: the RPG-7 does no longer fit into a backpack Building, crafting and territories NEW: added new item: Concrete half wall NEW: added new item: CCTV-Screen on a tripod, as an alternative to a base laptop NEW: improved the building system with more and better snap points NEW: The "flag room must be a clean 1x1" rule is now enforced by
  15. Rule changes for the wipe on 6th of May 2022: Shooting or scouting within the radius of any territory (even if it doesn't belong to you) to any static mission is not allowed. (Currently we have 4 static missions active. CDF, Quarantine Zone, Landed Spitfire and Fuel Station Robbery) You are not allowed to place objects (e.g. walls) in a way that allows the territory owners to vault or jump over them while attackers can't. (because of anti-glitch mechanics
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