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  1. looks like the perfect setup for farming simulator 2019
  2. Tigris would be dominating anything if we let it loose on the server. that much is for sure
  3. Not much you can do in a plane except turn hard to a side and gain speed. If possible fly low and fast can be the saviour to dodge a missile, depends how close you are to the location it is fired from etc but dodging a stinger is possible. It's not necessary easy.
  4. You have been compensated for the titan directly to your locker and will be able to join next restart.
  5. You are allowed to team up to raid bases with other groups\families. You are allowed to team up to defend against base raids if the owners of the base invites you to their party\group (Someone just running around outside the base does not mean it is a raid, the base has to be put in raid mode for it to be a valid reason) These are the exact rules, when it comes to helping defending a base as long as the base is in raid mode you are allowed to team up, as soon as the attack ends the group needs to be disbanded.
  6. you didn't bring with the part where I killed kara as he came running into the opening and then you bombing me with mawws to get me in water ?
  7. That is a possibility, that would also make the biggest families unraidable by pretty much anyone tho. Only option to raid them would be to scan every lock and get the codes. A normal attack with charges would be a death sentence for smaller groups as soon as the first charge is placed.
  8. How close to the laptop would be required to stay? I can see a change like this help smaller groups, but at the same time it gives larger groups an equal advantage. Where we would tie up 2 people before to just hack and one to two to guard them we could now increase the defenses outside the safe area as those hacking would be fully able to guard the safe area themselves.
  9. I'm famous on the interwebz now ?
  10. right.... Dazhy a man of few words, but none make any sense
  11. Building supplies missions if I remember correctly
  12. the option I would vote for if it was possible is that R1 has basespan ownly, r2 and r3 has all. That would allow families to add people to the territory for the spawn point but without risking anything on the base.
  13. Again Nice work with the new parts. Looking forward to see them ingame ?
  14. Been testing some of the new parts, awesome work Imunleashed. Way way better then EBM
  15. you probably mistaking me for someone else I guess, been on sg daily since I started here
  16. Heli pad looks good. seems like I need to reconsider next base design a bit ?
  17. One suggestion I have and it's a low tower to act like shooting platforms to be combined with the outer wall you made. 1x1 2 floors high with camo nets. Would give some nice details to making an outer perimeter of your actual base
  18. I do like what I see, looking forward to see them implemented. ?
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