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  1. Weapon Cursor Off?

    @Razorman some monitors have them built in to the settings, so BE would not be able to pick it up!
  2. Weekly Event - #2

    @Vaas sure, just come into the help channel after the restart :)
  3. Weekly Event - #2

    Today's Event Voting The event will be held at 21:15 GMT regardless and the poll will close at 20:30 GTM There are 2 options for todays event, it is a UAZ SPG-9 Deathmatch or Military Convoy (which will be driven by admins) See https://www.spartangaming.co.uk/topic/34-event-suggestions/ for more info on the 2 possible events before you vote.
  4. Event Suggestions

    This is an example event: UAZ SPG-9 (i think) Deathmatch A short description of it: Players will be teleported to an arena where they will group up into 2's, then it will be a fight to the death with UAZ's with the last vehicle standing winning What will be needed for the event to be carried out (ie what vehicles buildings): An arena that will contain the UAZ's so that they can not drive off. and that it big enough for the event to not be over in seconds. UAZ SPG-9's Suggested Prizes: 100k pop-tabs and an armed UAZ 75k and an armed UAZ 50k and an armed UAZ Participation Reward: 25k
  5. Hey Guys

    Welcome to the community, hope you enjoy playing on the servers
  6. Reserved Slots a bad Idea

    We do not kick players off the server if a reserved slot player joins, the player count will just go up to 51 or 52 until someone leaves the server. I dont think that we would be able to sustain the amount of donations needed to maintain the server and grow the community if we did not have reserved slots.
  7. Weekly Event - #1

    Hunger Games Will be held at 21:15 on Saturday 16th What is it? All players will start off in the centre of our custom made arena, with guns in a crate's scattered around the area. There will be a 2 minute grace period to allow everyone to find a gun to use. Once this grace period has expired it is a free for all with the last 3 players receiving the prizes detailed below. Prizes: (any of the below striders can be swapped out for the moneys worth) 1st: HMG strider + 50k poptabs 2nd: HMG strider + 25k poptabs 3rd: HMG strider Rules: By taking part in the event you are agreeing to the rules. If we catch any participants or players on the server breaking or attempting to break the rules they will be subject to server bans. 1. No teaming. 2. No bringing gear to the event, if you ask to be tp'ed you will lose any gear that you have on. 3. No sitting in one building or area for the whole time, you may be disqualified from the event if you do. The arena: If anyone has any questions comment them below
  8. Good to see you back

    good to hear that your having fun on the servers @protocol