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  1. Thanks for the feedback and we hope you enjoy playing on the server 🙂
  2. However this will apparently happen: #2. when someone throws a grenade or something blows up, the volume will reset to 1 (Still a bug with Exile).
  3. Hi Storm, Thank you for reporting this, we will look into the cause and get back to you on comping your lost poptabs.
  4. ewanc

    Change map

    Locked as its not going to happen.
  5. ewanc

    Boom Boom

    😞 im sad
  6. ewanc

    Boom Boom

    Where are those madrid kills? 😢I was looking forward to them!
  7. ewanc


    Moved to Chernarus suggestions.
  8. No problem, glad that you managed to get on the server after the restart
  9. Here are some other things which may fix the issue 1. Waiting until the next server restart (every 3 hours starting at 00:00 GMT/BST) 2. Swapping to another network card on your computer, this has fixed 100% of cases that we know of 3. Restarting your router 4. Changing your IP via cmd or your router 5. Downloading and running the following file: https://mega.nz/#!BwwhlTKA!0F0eiHr7FnGs01ExwxpuH8UaO4L_WjaZPk41f5ihHa0 (this clears your arma 3 cache).
  10. ewanc


    I think that EBM has been left out due to the amount of lag it causes on the server, I may be wrong tho
  11. Also, if you park your cars and put them in a virtual garage, then place a wall where they were parked the cars will then blow up when you spawn them in again!
  12. ewanc

    Event Idea's

    Events On Spartan Gaming I am planning for an event to happen in the upcoming weeks, use the below template to suggest an event that you would like to see happen, If the below template is not used your suggestion may not be accepted. Event Template Name of event: A short description of it: What will be needed for the event to be carried out (ie what vehicles buildings): Suggested Prizes:
  13. I know their fans are good :) just taking the piss because im jealous :P