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  1. what special privileges are you on about? Do you mean when I throw a party for them all and get all the hookers in?
  2. ewanc

    Spray can

    yup, id install ArmA 3 again just to go and spray big penis on K00K00's base ?
  3. No, we won't tell people when people have been banned, its just creating more work for our selfs and we don't want to have a manhunt happening
  4. Wow, I should have got some popcorn out before reading that...
  5. This would be cool, not sure what it would be like for Sean to implement tho
  6. I expect its more of the case that its being worked on and takes time ?
  7. Pssst, see the thing under @Nick's name that says Head Admin! He generally knows what's happening on the servers and whats being worked on!
  8. The issue was it being used as a storeroom and having loads of crap items on it I think.
  9. Rules? Pfffff why would I bother reading them... 10 minutes later... WHAT, I'VE BEEN BANNED?!?!
  10. Thread Locked, just turned into a load of arguing ? Please try to keep things constructive in future ?
  11. Please make a new thread for your issue.
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