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  1. ewanc

    Spray can

    yup, id install ArmA 3 again just to go and spray big penis on K00K00's base
  2. No, we won't tell people when people have been banned, its just creating more work for our selfs and we don't want to have a manhunt happening
  3. Wow, I should have got some popcorn out before reading that...
  4. This would be cool, not sure what it would be like for Sean to implement tho
  5. I expect its more of the case that its being worked on and takes time ?
  6. Pssst, see the thing under @Nick's name that says Head Admin! He generally knows what's happening on the servers and whats being worked on!
  7. The issue was it being used as a storeroom and having loads of crap items on it I think.
  8. Rules? Pfffff why would I bother reading them... 10 minutes later... WHAT, I'VE BEEN BANNED?!?!
  9. Thread Locked, just turned into a load of arguing ? Please try to keep things constructive in future ?
  10. Please make a new thread for your issue.
  11. The BattlEye kicks are nothing to do with our servers and happens on others, there are several things which may resolve it: 1. Waiting until the next server restart (every 3 hours starting at 00:00 GMT/BST) 2. Swapping to another network card on your computer, this has fixed 100% of cases that we know of 3. Restarting your router 4. Changing your IP via cmd or your router 5. Downloading and running the following file: https://mega.nz/#!BwwhlTKA!0F0eiHr7FnGs01ExwxpuH8UaO4L_WjaZPk41f5ihHa0 (this clears your arma 3 cache).
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