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  1. Rocket Launchers

    have to agree with Hvar, far too many rpgs at cap points, fair enough if you want one go to BM and buy them, make you think twice before using it if your going to have to go back and get another, as it is people will use them on any parked car as there so easy to get
  2. The real learning to fly

    nice shooting pal, just off to black market to stock up on stingers
  3. Mod Suggestion : Enhanced Movement

    People use enhanced movement to glitch into bases, that's why a lot of servers don't use it
  4. TheAngryGerman's Miniclips #2 feat. SpartanGaming

    nice video, music is perfect for it!
  5. Base

    Admins will normally remove your flag for you, you need to have everything packed up tho as it will despawn
  6. Flag

    Not to difficult for people to rebuild there flag rooms, could give them time to conform, be a bit of a pain for you admins but would improve the server I think