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  1. Nice video but that music!! 🙂
  2. Would be good but I'm not sure how it would work, takes away the risk of having to get out your car to open it
  3. ban him 🙂 no nice kills mate
  4. happened to me a couple of times aswell, always take them first now before clicking take all
  5. Buy a gasmask and loot the radiation zone is the best way also missions, supply crates or heli crashes
  6. 7 hours with no Arma! whats there to do in the real world these days??
  7. looking at it on here I now need another lamp for the right hand side :)
  8. Thought Id do mine now while my desk is tidy
  9. I dont think its right to run the server just thinking of the few with old computers, they always have the option of lowering there view distance if needs be
  10. I find i have to keep switching between low and high so I'm not at a disadvantage to others, was at a cap point mission and a whole mountain wasn't there on low settings, could see the cap point perfect, then when switch to high it was totally covered by mountain. I think its a bit game breaking to be honest and needs looking at
  11. good idea, vehicle trader at a garage would be a nice one!
  12. maybe the dupe problem has been fixed since he maybe the problem has been fixed since he tried it? Thanks - have a fix for this coming today
  13. looks like it takes the launcher slot so weight shouldn't be a problem, if it can be duped then i suppose thats gonna be the problem
  14. Zombie

    Rocket Launchers

    have to agree with Hvar, far too many rpgs at cap points, fair enough if you want one go to BM and buy them, make you think twice before using it if your going to have to go back and get another, as it is people will use them on any parked car as there so easy to get