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  1. superb mate, love the music again!
  2. Nice video but that music!! ?
  3. ban him ? no nice kills mate
  4. happened to me a couple of times aswell, always take them first now before clicking take all
  5. Buy a gasmask and loot the radiation zone is the best way also missions, supply crates or heli crashes
  6. 7 hours with no Arma! whats there to do in the real world these days??
  7. looking at it on here I now need another lamp for the right hand side :)
  8. Thought Id do mine now while my desk is tidy
  9. nice shooting pal, just off to black market to stock up on stingers
  10. Admins will normally remove your flag for you, you need to have everything packed up tho as it will despawn
  11. Zombie


    Not to difficult for people to rebuild there flag rooms, could give them time to conform, be a bit of a pain for you admins but would improve the server I think
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