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  1. Hello, thanks for the quick responses, i will be online today. Trying to contact you when iam on/back from work. See you ingame
  2. Possible 2nd Server - Map Vote!

    Hello, is it possible to create an taviana server=? would be insane
  3. Hello Spartangamers!, my name is Ben, iam 32 years old and life in Germany. I mostly like to play pvp games/tactical shooter/arpgs. I played alot with my [karma] clan on uk111 for around 2-3years on taviana/chernarus. After the server went down we mostly splitted and everyone played anything (my ign was iamfriendly). After that i startet to play different game modes on A3 like koth,wasteland,exile with my new ign: Hello. At the latest we regrouped on the good old taviana and played on huaän until it closed. And at the moment iam looking for an active and experienced group who got some space (Arma sucks as a lone wolf) TL;DR What you can expect from me: ~3,5k hrs in Arma 2/3 Tactical player + active on ts3/discord I can play all roles but mostly prefer close combat/semi close combat/Gunner/driver/Heli pilot (pawnee/ghosthawk) I dont ragequit/combatlog or else and would never break any rules or would put the group in a bad light. Iam trustworthy What iam looking for: An active group who like to do missions/baseraids/cp's/have some fun Experienced players, who know what they do No rager/combatlogger/bugabuser I also got some A2/3 vids with some ingame footage. Pawnee kill comp. Ground footage See you ingame!