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  1. Good old close combat

    Urban fights must be only 1st person, as well as Balota Too bad we don't have that.
  2. Possible 2nd Server - Map Vote!

    i dont want to see EXO here, I just said that standart Cherno Isles is awfull, but on EXO was perfect textures as it possible to re-draw Rolling like a worms the prerogative of individuals and newbies, or Jimlads, as well as hiding in chopped tree textures , if you spectating for top teams, there is only small count of numbers who like hiding in anything. I see you dont respect hardcore gameplay, because enabled grass sounds like something illegal by your words. And im not even start talking about disabling environment sounds, the worst feature, imho. Aahh, anyway it is a wasting time dialog, The eternal problem of Arma, people play where it's easier... Im done with offtop, sorry. The answer about map and maps problem has already been given. Good time of day
  3. Possible 2nd Server - Map Vote!

    it's like Smoking cigarettes - self-hypnosis For my medium power PC with avg 40 fps grass on /off doesnt matter, as well for my mates who playing on 20 fps. Its working only if have top PC with 140Hz monitor and you want to play 140 fps, not 80 Only the rendering of a view distance make sense, cus it load CP. On EXO was too much grass, and whole map was more overgrown, (and more beautifully variant of Cherno, top1, maybe @Sean and @Conzole can ask Crunch about his variant of map ). Anyway my fps was better...
  4. Possible 2nd Server - Map Vote!

    Agreed. But Tanoa is a perfect map only for 1st person view, believe you understand my thoughts, i dont respect 3rd person bush-sitting as a TvT and Breaking Point player... anyway, i did not understood what do you mean " breaks up reputation" Altis the only map what i prefer in Arma 3, because its various as well... In Arma2 there were more good maps. I just wanted to say that clashes and fights will be much less on such a map as Abramia
  5. Possible 2nd Server - Map Vote!

    *attention, bad english* For all my years never saw 2 map from this list. Probably becaus in Arma 2 i played at least 3 of 5 yers only on Napf and in Fallujah and Sahrani TvT... dunno But im agreed for anything that isn't Chernorus. Isla Abramia looks nice and mixed terrains, but i can already see the bases on every mountain's tops and... 'A' was killed by 'B' (Homie, Raid,2000m, Domination). Sounds really awfully. I see how all ppl voting for this map BUT after it release noone will play there, because the map, the territory is very divided by Islands, which is very inconvenient. Let's just compare it to what we already hav and i mean Chernorus community and gameplay We are in a close place to each other and play on the same territory, fights are happening everywhere, because this is the map. I'm afraid that won't be on Abramia. Napf looks shitty as well as Cherno Converted for Arma 3.. Not sure about Panthera. So ALl of my Team for Altis.
  6. Potato Aim right video this time lol

  7. The real learning to fly

    Probably because he upgraded it with a perk in xm8? 6 -> go to more -> XP system then check last perk (dont forget to click at the triangle)
  8. The real learning to fly

    That is not a problem if you not monetize your channel, they will not remove the audio track
  9. Loading Screen Message Suggestions

    The memory could not be written at 0x000000000, press Alt+f4 to restart