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  1. Vurdalak

    Terrain quality

    Switched off grass and environment sounds, whats next? Agreed. Lets lock it on Normal as a minimum or only Ultra. But the second will affect on FPS. Ofc Winky against Because 2 years ago you guys already played on server w/o grass and we all know how to abuse this :) But its not sound great. And all the time you need to change your settings to CQC or LR shooting. Of course if you dont know how to abuse low quallity terrains. Screw that.
  2. Vurdalak

    The wanderer

    Meh, russians everywere Btw. All of this music with copyright, yeah? Its really hard to find good music or cover w/o copyright as well.
  3. Vurdalak

    Good old close combat

    Urban fights must be only 1st person, as well as Balota Too bad we don't have that.
  4. Probably because he upgraded it with a perk in xm8? 6 -> go to more -> XP system then check last perk (dont forget to click at the triangle)
  5. That is not a problem if you not monetize your channel, they will not remove the audio track
  6. The memory could not be written at 0x000000000, press Alt+f4 to restart
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