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  1. looks great. more shit the better!
  2. @N3xoN Sick dude. Is that BF3 on the screen?! PS: Whiskey and ARMA is better
  3. I like this, but something tells me the boat will blow up after completion... you know... ARMA things.
  4. Yes. This is needed so anyone can run up to mission without having to purchase rebreathers on their own. Side note: can diving equiptment be added to boat traders plz?
  5. Let me start this off with stating that I know that you're not EXO, however this is simply a suggestion from a mission that EXO used for their Tanoa server, which I believe can do wonders on the new Isla Abramia map. They had an "Underwater Stash" or something like that. It was 2 subs underwater packed full of loot and poptabs with a shit ton of AI surrounding them. Obviously you needed a rebreather and a SDAR to complete the mission. It was a mission that was fought over many times over. I figured, with the way Isla plays, this would be awesome to have. Having those weird/random underwater fights w/ other players was crazy. Thoughts?
  6. keep it. its nice to have when you're out and about for a while due to the terrain. plus, fuck it.
  7. I think he means the latter. I like the CDF being a separate island. Makes it more difficult and need the resources to complete it (heli lift)
  8. Its rather simple. Admins don't want higher tier loot. Fine, don't give 300K+ higher tier loot. Something a tad bit more than the current AK (5.56 w/ more ammo?), OR same gun + faster spawn vic?
  9. @Mako stop fearing change. we've been playing cherno for like 5 years now. thank god this is the new map/server. Cherno is a good map, but damn, everyone here has played it in the past 5 years.
  10. ShellShock

    Solo Alpha CP

    no he didn't, because I killed him shortly after.
  11. Bullshit. There is no reason for perks/spawn loadout to stop at 200k.
  12. Oh yeah totally forgot about that haha. I was thinking solely of players grabbing the AA. Yeah fuck AI with AA.