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  1. @N3xoN Sick dude. Is that BF3 on the screen?! PS: Whiskey and ARMA is better
  2. Its rather simple. Admins don't want higher tier loot. Fine, don't give 300K+ higher tier loot. Something a tad bit more than the current AK (5.56 w/ more ammo?), OR same gun + faster spawn vic?
  3. @Mako stop fearing change. we've been playing cherno for like 5 years now. thank god this is the new map/server. Cherno is a good map, but damn, everyone here has played it in the past 5 years.
  4. ShellShock

    Solo Alpha CP

    no he didn't, because I killed him shortly after.
  5. Bullshit. There is no reason for perks/spawn loadout to stop at 200k.
  6. Oh yeah totally forgot about that haha. I was thinking solely of players grabbing the AA. Yeah fuck AI with AA.
  7. lol this video. Me like. PS: Someone tell Pennywise to get back in his base.
  8. Cash me outside. Too many times people make a run for another tree/bush and thats when they get spotted
  9. aaah. I kinda liked it, only if it was rare. Adds some more excitement to any situation where a pawnee is mission camping
  10. AI's now have AA's some time.
  11. ShellShock

    Free car -potato

    I blame nice guy
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