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  1. Carnah

    And still...

    Yeah, thats the correct thing to type when I'm offering help Jim, fucking hell mate ^^
  2. Carnah

    And still...

    Dont think thats the issue. - Else people wouldn't be able to upload true 4k videos mate. - I know the rep our group has and all. But if you want, I can remote desktop you and look through your settings? - Though I imagine its not something you would be very fond of doing. But hit me up if you ever feel like it.
  3. Carnah

    And still...

    Could be if you have a cracked version of Sony Vegas. - I'm getting their new releases as they come out since I pay for it - What version of Sony Vegas do you have?
  4. Carnah

    And still...

    Arma will always make it pixelate a bit in arma unless you're running a beast of a computer. - Dont think my settings are the best, but I do see the issue compared to my own (yes, mine still pixelate. Wood PC after all). - Not sure what render settings you're using Mako. From my understanding of the youtube render engine, then you have to force a higher bitrate of the video (higher than it actually is), then youtube's render software should make it look better. - Atleast thats what I've personally been doing and seems to somewhat work. Hope it helps.
  5. When you're at the base press 6 -> Virtual Garage (At the middle in the buttom) -> Click the dropdown Menu -> Select "store Vehicle" -> Select your vehicle -> Type in a name of choice at the buttom left corner (maximum of 20 letters). Hope that helps you.
  6. Carnah

    New prices on BM

    Not sure how much you pilot lads have tested out the pawnee's destructive power. - atleast when testing it ourselves the guns on the Pawnee seems to shred through close to any armor. Tested with Strider, Hunter and Vamtac. The 7.62 bullets from the pawnee seems to absolutely destroy a vehicle withour remorse for the vehicles armor values - Take any 7.62 gun from a trader and most of the bullets sponge off the higher armored vehicles. - So not taking shots at anyone in the post here, but its a possibility that the admins have taken that into consideration when noticing how the guns on the pawnee works. - Carnah -
  7. Something like that yeah. Can't really give a comeback if you wanted one.
  8. Got told I should submit the video here. So hope its for everyones liking as I'm not very fond of sharing my videos on other sites than just uploading them to youtube. Enjoy Nonetheless lads . (Copyrighted music. Not allowed to embed the video on other websites, sorry for the inconvenience) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phx1nJDlEOE