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  1. After being shot in the skull by one last night I agree with DTail but it was funny .
  2. SjMX

    new here

    Hello and welcome
  3. I think it may be the website that's used to make them being down possibly.
  4. No ok Only if Kara and Dordy come with you! We have too many Scandinavians already but you could always join if Atlas came
  5. Don't you think using a pawnee is a even bigger advantage lol
  6. Looking for a few players for my group on chernarus as most have gone inactive minus a few. Preferred age 20+ and know and understand the game somewhat & we use teamspeak.
  7. Pretty sure he says overdue on both servers.
  8. Hi Krzysztof you have to remember Arma 3 is quite a old game now and many of the players you meet on the server have been playing for a long time with 1000+ hours and although Arma 3 is not a really a competitive game many on the server do play it in that manner. The only thing I can suggest is learn how to play the game on a higher level and deal with players being better than you are or try and find another server which you will still find those good players unless it's a pve server lol.
  9. Been the same on every exile server I've played on just part of exile and missions there is nothing anyone can do about that so not sure why you have made a post about it .
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