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  1. I saw a SG server which was chernarus zombies but i have not found any thing regarding this on the forums i was wounding if this is a new unlisted project or a imitation sever not part of the SG community servers i would love to know
  2. short and simple like the quad and jet ski you could deploy it as a draw back it could be very loud or weak
  3. first of all the best white jacket can be found by searching hood in equipment trader and going to the bottom JSYK now for the helmets the only full white helmets are grayish or have green on them and there is not a single white vest are only white non-military vests and finally are there seriously only 3 sexy base paints that's outrageous ?
  4. or maybe a cp like event with one mixer that can you can buy would have to be rare tho and expensive af and only when sever is high pop so you would risk lots of tabs
  5. thinking of buying premium plz do it helps ...but ...you kinda have ta ...renew ...it in 30 days