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  1. Hail TOP1 leaderboard super skeal player on Taviana! *Corban Dallas Multipass recived an achivement "Godfather of Taviana" If YOU best player, not Corban, please post your toxic comment below.
  2. Can we have it for the one restart this weekend? Just to check it out how is it.
  3. Could you please make this on Taviana? Just for few days as test. I feel it will be very interesting. Maybe most of ppl will like it. Full 24 day cicrle with sunrises and sunsets. For real time it is 2 hour bright circle and about 1 hour dark. About weather: full random, clear, coudy, far visibility distance, heavy fog.
  4. My sincerely thanks for all who doing this - SPARTANGAMING
  5. xD Let me guess: you didint record it, but you know it for sure xD
  6. Hello to all my foreign friends! ? I like you very much, you're good players. But lets be polite a little )
  7. Can administrastion answer at private query?
  8. Thats i talking about. Next day or two i found a miss I just want to look at forum if they were banned or not.
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