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  1. xD Let me guess: you didint record it, but you know it for sure xD
  2. Hello to all my foreign friends! ? I like you very much, you're good players. But lets be polite a little )
  3. Why u have to be mad?
  4. Can administrastion answer at private query?
  5. Thats i talking about. Next day or two i found a miss I just want to look at forum if they were banned or not.
  6. Day before we were clashing wild. Next morning they gone. Was it "wow, i forgot to pay. Fuck this server, go another one!" you think?
  7. What about test period? Main things are: 1. Ingame time period from 6AM till 9PM (summer time). 2. Rare fog. But happens. Dynamic visibility. 70-90% of time bright as it is, but 10-30% random weather with 100 up to 900 meters visibility. 3. Ambient sound always ON. ------------------------------ Deathscreen. Why noone didnt answer? Can we make it full black?
  8. Last time i prepaired to raid guys base. There are two or three Polish guys playing in team. I know their passwords, got tools, ect. Day next - EVERYTHING GONE. No base, no guys. What should i think of?
  9. 0.19-0.20 - how can i do this?
  10. I just wonder where players gone. No talk about shame anyone. But ok, it's hard to combine.
  11. Sometimes players just disapper. And their houses too. Can we have a topic on this forum with fresh banlist. Just everyday admin could post player wich was banned lately: nick, reason, date/time of ban.
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