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  1. hm, other servers i have been on they made safes count as a base part which was a smart idea. Myself and others ended up (before the change) literally making walls out of safes and turning a 300 part base into almost 400.
  2. you should be able to fill that last slot with a safe. If you REALLY want to hit your limit then remove a safe, put the last wall you want down (to go from 298 to 299 parts) then put the safe back down to hit 300.
  3. Well... that pretty much is the only way to deal with people who put armed vehicles like that in their base. Until next time when they put a camo net up then there is no way to deal with that. *cough*rulethatshouldbechanged*cough* But nice video.
  4. I had this same issue about 2 weeks ago, and it happened just after an SG mod update (might just be a coincidence). I re-installed quite a few mods but i THINK what might have fixed it was reinstalling the SG mod and then reinstalling the NI-Arms mod as well. I also made sure through the game launched that it loaded right away the profile that i use. That probably had nothing to do with it, but fixing arma bugs rarely make sense so anything can/could help. And i say the profile thing because a friend told me i had to also delete the server files in my profile for the game, however it was not in my default profile, but under the one i created for my name. Here is the default directory, so try this as well - delete the MP mission folder, sounds like your mission file is corrupted. C:\Users\YourPCname\Documents\Arma 3\Saved\mpmissions Only my mission file was actually in a slightly differant area of my computer, hence why i told the game launcher to automatically load the profile that DID have my mission folder in it (i did delete the files as well)
  5. I thought the reward for helping the server was to make the server a better more enjoyable place to play?
  6. You cant build while in "active" combat - meaning the little blinking symbol on the side of the screen, but you can build while people are on your base and in a firefight as long as 1) you are not in active combat with the symbol (this will force you out of build mode) and 2) a grind/hack/charge has not taken place in the last 20 mins. Again.. you can build while being attacked (but not in "raid mode" by one of the 3 triggers) as long as you dont use the building parts to actually hurt a player or a vehicle. Building while being attacked tho is risky since if you are put in combat you might end up having a huge hole in the side of your base or even dropping the part if it was in physics mode (and fyi being in combat WILL put you in physics mode next time you start to build if you were interrupted while building before). Having players in your territory, or killing you at your base is not a technically "raid". A raid as defined in the rules only happens when one of the 3 triggers takes place.
  7. Not true. On SG servers raids are only triggered by raiding actions. Grinding, hacking, setting charges. Simply having a player on your territory, or shooting in your territory, does not stop you (unlike other servers) from building. Also on SG (again different from other servers) you are allowed to move/build objects if you are being attacked as long as none of the aforementioned raiding activities took place. So its totally possible to change door codes while being attacked as long as you are not being "raided" which requires addition actions. I believe the only rule about building while being attacked is to not use the object as a weapon, such as building into a player or their vehicle.
  8. Heaven forbid people figure out where they are getting shot from without someone giving them a hint lol
  9. Any chances on removing the distance showing when you are killed/make a kill? It makes the game more strategic if you dont know the distance plus adds a nice level of difficulty for silenced guns and sub sonic guns. Besides "bragging rights" for long kills (which most are mine kills anyways) all it does is give the victim of a kill information on where the shooter is.
  10. Almost everything can be bought from one trader or another. I thought that was the point of the trader market, so that if you are able to get items from missions (or looting, but i never really did that) you could list them so players could have an option to buy them there cheaper than a regular trader's pricing. They saved a little and i made a little to pay off the risk i would take in getting the items. And on the flip side i received no respect from selling on the trader market so if money was a desire it was a good trade off. And that is why the limit of 15 is a hindrance. There is almost no point in selling items that value about 1k or a little more since you will get little return on it given that you 1) get no respect and 2) had to pay a listing fee.
  11. Im not selling anything from BM on trader. So... good points tho ? Plus im pretty sure i mentioned black listing certain items form trader would fix that issue as well if you want people to purely get certain items from black market.
  12. Actually i was selling items quickly. It was no thing to be able to sell almost 80 items in less than 2 days if you know what people want, how to get it, and what price they want to pay in order to buy what you list. But hey, thanks for the helpful and constructive criticism ? Which is why i dont see why a simple more constrictive timer would not also solve these issues. Or even just black-listing certain items from the market. Right now with the limit being 15 there is almost no point in putting smaller items on the market, especially since there is no way to even tell which items are your own. If i have 15 items on the market then happen to want to list something more expensive that i just found im kept from doing so unless i am able to pick my own item out of the list and buy it back. Also when the market was open to more items it kept prices competitive since there was more competition in who was selling what. So, if you actually wanted your item to sell you had to list it at a reasonable price. **EDIT** Or just remove the ability for players to buy back their own items. That would fix the issue of players using it to store gear and make it just about making money.
  13. What was the reasoning behind limiting player market to 15 items per player? Any chance on it being reverted or the number of items being bumped up? Because if its set at 15 then selling small items is almost pointless now. If the issue was the market being to crowded then why not just put a timer on items being listed, if it doesn't sell within X days then it is deleted. It would be incentive for players to list only items that would actually sell and also to list them at reasonable prices since if they ask too much the item would just be deleted and they would be out the item plus the listing fee.
  14. serves us right for being lazy with codes lol. But eh, all that was 2 weeks worth of work from scratch. Not from scratch anymore so.... one week to regain it all probably ?
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