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  1. How hard would it be to add something that when you go up to a vehicle you get the option to "see if its warm" if it is it would mean it has been used in the last 10/15mins? cold then it has not.
  2. i didnt think about the 2 in some vehicles. was just trying to get it to unload inside my base but to no avail. Never had a problem seeing where it unloaded. what about if they unloaded at 0 degrees and 180 degrees on a vehicle ?
  3. Would it be hard to have crates to unload out of vehicle to a know location?> ie 3 m in front off said vehicle? would make things a lot easier than it is in a tight area
  4. *Note to admin - Ban Tony now and save yourself loads of grief in the future.
  5. I didn't realise they lag the server out, was just thinking from the point of a solo who dont want to build a base. Played out of a safe many a time but if it effects performance its a non starter.
  6. Could you change it so a solo player can put 2 safes down instead of a flag pole but with the caveat that if he joins a family he will lose them? dont no how easy that is to code but it would certainly give solo players some where to stash there loot.
  7. I am old , i have piles. You dont want to stick anything up there trust me.
  8. fair play thought you was on a pad flying like that, i will have to keep practicing
  10. to automatically ban all Russians is simply a time saving exercise
  11. fuck me i even bump into another vehicle i die instantly in flames. good watch with some classy kills.
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