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  1. Dexter M

    What Wat? Part 24

    A few moments later XD nice vid though
  2. ALPHA CP CAPTURED .............. LiveJasmin [ Spitfire MkVb Green ] You [257m]
  3. 25FPS.. how do you manage to play with that XD awesome work though man keep it up ???????
  4. No, grass will always render around you if you have terrain on any higher than low setting
  5. the terrain will still show with no grass but players will not appear as though they are in the ground
  6. open xm8 go to more then veiw distance then turn terrain up to ultra
  7. I feel like iv created a monster by saving that sound clip ?
  8. if you at at 300 parts and want to move a part just remove it and re-place it, removing it removes the id for the part, that's if you really need to be at 300 parts
  9. Stinger rockets increased to 100k per rocket...... dordy has disconnected from the server (never to return)
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