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  1. @jesuschristhimself I agree on your argument about the 2nd scenario due to the fact being that if you are shooting the HMG gunner then the driver will be put into "Combat Mode". If he drives straight into trader whilst in Combat Mode then in my eyes i'd see that as combat evading 100%. Take combat logging for example, if you're in combat and log out then you're gonna get reported for Combat Logging and dealt with? So why is it different if you're in combat mode and drive into Safe Zone? To me the driver just got away with no punishment and managed to keep his car when he could of possi
  2. Hello @Dominator199911, I am from infiSTAR and I would like you to follow me on twitch for a unban on all servers. As soon as you follow I'll unban you. Thanks, Head of infiSTAR, Chay
  3. Who would be interested in buying SG merch?
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