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  1. https://gyazo.com/d0b4d435f72904a1be948e9e5a934bea ???
  2. Event starts at 9:30PM BST | 4:00PM EST | Next saturday Hide and seek (Altis) Players will hide while we have designated people coming to find you, you will be zip tied when you are down a certain amount of people will have pliers to help free you. Rules Do not break any of the original rules. Do not leave the area doing so will result in a teleport and elimination. Do not troll, bans will be given out instantly and you will not be able to participate. our staff is very strict with rules to make sure these events are not ruined for anyone and they run as smooth as possible, any breaking of the rules could result in a disqualification, kick or ban. Prizes (Multiple rounds is possible) Last alive: +125,000 poptabs 2nd last alive +100,000 poptabs 3rd last alive +75,000 poptabs Participation Reward: +25,000 poptabs There will be an announcement on the server when event starts. Do NOT bring your own gear as you will geared by us. Any of your previous gear will be deleted. No refunds,On poptabs or respect for anyone participating or helping in the event. you have been warned! (unless it was due to someone rule breaking or servers fault)
  3. - Server will be now wiping map every one week and blueprints every two weeks. (Next Saturday is map and bp wipe)
  4. Our rust server will be having a map wipe tomorrow at 3:00pm GMT / 10:00am EST hope to see you all there! Server name: [UK] Spartan Gaming 2x Vanilla Server Ip: Client.connect Next week will be a map and bp wipe
  5. Client.connect
  6. The Rust server is now LIVE! Server IP: Server Name: [UK] Spartan Gaming 2x Vanilla You can easily connect in-game by doing the following: Press F1 and type "client.connect"
  7. Map wipes every Friday, blue prints wipe every two weeks and a new map will be generated every week
  8. @Jacob Kirby thats what i like to hear :)
  9. @Jamez The map will not be too big for the first wipe.
  10. RUST SERVER RULES (Our staff team has the final decision in any ban) Disrespecting players & staff members Disrespecting players, people come to our servers to have fun not to be bullied. Never disrespect any staff they help anyone in their own time. Hacking and player reports Hacking will result in a permanent ban. If you are reporting a player you must go to the correct reporting section or message an admin if you do not follow this you will be instantly kicked from the server. Trolling Do not microphone spam or ear rape. Do not spam any chat boxes . No voice changers. Harassment Harassing any player on any of our servers. Leaking or sharing personal information. Stream sniping Youtubers and streamers must use streamer mode and anything to prevent people from locating them. Threats Threatening the server in any way will result in a ban. Threatening players in any way will result in a ban. Glitching Glitching in general. Throwing melee items through walls. Jumping in vents to see through buildings. Group Limit Group limit is 5 players You must clear TC/Change all codes/ and must wait a day after they leave to add another person No allies
  11. @Gimax I will definitely message you if needed!
  12. There wont be any restrictions on this server currently. In the future we can see about that
  14. Convoys are always a bad idea this is more of a role play scenario. plus arma dysnc and lag is never a good idea to mix with vehicles. @Solomon
  15. Looks like you’re trying to connect to the server but it is full, you will have to wait till a slot opens up or buy a reserve slot.