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  1. Weebz

    Respect Perks

    After you hit the last respect cap there is nothing more to fight for, so this is a good idea. Maybe low-powered car will be too op imo. Rest seems to be a good idea I would love to have a Rangefinder on some loadout because I'm so bad forgetting buying one everytime..
  2. Weebz

    My Potato

    Dont be rude now..
  3. Weebz


    Hi, Looking for a group to start playing with. I'm 27 years Old from Sweden. Used to play on MGT, EXO and OCD. Got like 1000 hours of Arma. Havent got that much of hours on this server so Im not very experienced with the feature yet. Would like to join a group that doesnt take the game too serious. It should be fun aswell. Have a nice day!
  4. Weebz

    My Potato

    Nice video :-) the hype when simning a hmg hunter was real ;-)
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