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  1. Get unbanned from infistar and there is a chance
  2. Sounds like one of your mods is broken/outdated. have you updated your arma3? a screenshot of the kick message would help
  3. Socurious

    Ammo on BM

    This would go against the reasons that we have to take away the gun/ammo from traders. it are really strong guns that almost everyone did use by taking it off the bm we made it a gun that you need to work for to use.
  4. your base is not classed as a spawn zone if you spawn at your own base there is no protection people are allowed to instantly kill you.
  5. Top left isnt really a option because we would need to (re)move a lot of bases then
  6. If you go in the editor and make a good one we can look into it. but to add the trader can be difficult because a lot of players have bases. With the new trader we where kind of lucky that we could place it without having problems with any bases
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