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Rolling Changelog - Exile

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  • The ability to push vehicles on land. - Suggested by AidenTheMeme#2134
  • Added red smoke grenades to spawn kits tier 4 and above. - Suggested by Urd3d#7641
  • Vehicles save instantly when locked to prevent role back on restart.
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Top Posters In This Topic

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Mod: [SG] Mod: Added Concrete Box. (Can be used as an easy 1x1 flag room ?) Added Concrete Glass Floor and Wall. Added Concrete Tall Gate. Ad

I would like to start of by apologising for not updating/adding new content in awhile. Everything is back to normal for me and there will be regular updates like normal.   Mod: [SG] M

Changed: Reduced the amount of sniper rifles that spawn in civilian buildings. Healing hotkey perk message when you don't own it. Should help people that are confused when they get the

Nothing major but the changes for the April wipe. More coming 🙂



  • Added: Apex RPG7v
    • Alternative to Arma's default RPG that doesn't require DLC.



  • Anti-floating script in bases. Helps prevent dying to a wall.
  • Following vehicles with dumb down weapons and can only be obtained by missions:
    • AFV-4 Gorgon
    • AMV-7 Marshall
    • Churchill MK3 tank
  • MAAWS HE rocket to Black Market



  • GAU 19 price changed to 180,000 Poptabs.
  • Littlebird Gunship price changed to 100,000 Poptabs.
  • CH47F price changed to 90,000 Poptabs.
  • Spawn weapon changes:
    • Sting to PDW2000
    • HK416 to M27 IAR
  • PK LMG recoil.
  • Build radius around Salt Flats (CDF) changed to 3500.
  • Concrete towers cannot be placed above 5m from the ground.
  • Containers cannot be placed above 3m from the ground.
  • Raiding will not be enabled for 14 days after wipe.
    • Raiding actions cannot be started.
    • If you leave your base open, then you're free game. Lock your stuff, use random codes.


Might of missed a few. Will update if I have. Little rushed right now.

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  • "Chat Settings" app in the XM8 to replace the "Disable Chat" app:
    • Allows you to have some small customization of what shows up in your chat.



  • The correct weapons are now enabled on the Churchill tank.
  • When moving a container, the inventory had a chance of vanishing.
    • It's still advised to empty a container before moving it!



  • Missions vehicles no longer have a chance of spawning with a code. All mission vehicles will need to be claimed with a code lock if you wanted to keep them.



Reminder: All raiding actions will be enabled on Thursday 6th May at 3PM (BST)

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  • Replaced the new Inmate Market with the old one. It just works better for our server with the restrictions it has.
  • Scroll actions priority:
    • Thermal Scanner and planting mine actions are near the bottom of the list now.
  • Rebreather's can be saved at the Loadout Trader.
  • Shooting armed vehicles from bases height restriction has been reduced to 5m from 10m.



  • Issues with the server's not starting correctly after a restart 🤞.
  • An issue that would not allow you to claim mission vehicles.



  • Save Weapon State app in the XM8:
    • Find it on the second page in the "MORE" section.
    • Please report any issues that come up with it.
    • PNeXTAC.png
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  • Various Armed helicopters back into Black Market.
  • Navid and ammo back into Black Market .
  • Maaws Mod.1 back into Black Market.
  • Live Leaderboard XM8 App:
    • McSWhsf.png



  • Adjustments in price for multiple vehicles and weapons.
  • Track Suit uniform removed from Spawn Kit Selection (We had to reset all saved kits to enforce this)
  • Items moved to Black Market:
    • 3GL rifles (This one is still in Safe Zone traders).
    • 3GL Ammo.
    • Track Suit uniform.
    • Various .300 Blackout rifles.
    • Explosive charge and Satchel charge.
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  • NEW: re-added the M134D "Epilator" to the game. Brrrrrt. Where? Find out yourself.
  • CHANGE: removed the minimum activation range for the 3GL
  • CHANGE: the suppressed M320 uses a different sound
  • FIX: the RPG-7 does no longer fit into a backpack

Building, crafting and territories

  • NEW: added new item: Concrete half wall
  • NEW: added new item: CCTV-Screen on a tripod, as an alternative to a base laptop
  • NEW: improved the building system with more and better snap points
  • NEW: The "flag room must be a clean 1x1" rule is now enforced by a script
  • NEW: added multiple new textures in the misc category to paint your base with (needs premium)
  • CHANGE: Base owners can no longer abandon a territory while it is in raid mode
  • CHANGE: Base owners can no longer remove objects in their territory while the flag is stolen
  • CHANGE: Base owners can no longer pack safes while the territory is in raid mode
  • CHANGE: Base owners can no longer trigger the "access denied" function/message when their territory is in raid mode
  • CHANGE: you can no longer change the safe codes in a territory that's close to deletion if you are not a territory member (they will stay at 0000)
  • CHANGE: Chernarus: Green Mountain is now a no-build-zone
  • FIX: you can now build to full height even at the edge of your territory. (build zone around a flag is now a cylinder instead of a sphere/dome)
  • FIX: you can no longer move damaged objects (prevents them from getting deleted)

General gameplay, Vehicles and other stuff

  • NEW: added new vehicle service menu to repair, refuel and rearm vehicles. Useable at most traders and fuel stations. The old scroll wheel entries have been removed.
  • NEW: added new Vehicle XH9 VTOL
  • NEW: you can now see the throttle level in your hud, e.g. in the blackfish
  • NEW: you can now disarm mines with a foolbox. This takes 5 seconds and you can pick up the mine you just defused. To be able to defuse mines laid out by dispensers you also need a mine detector.
  • NEW: added scroll wheel action to take weapons off the ground. Should fix not being able to loot weapons from bodies sometimes.
  • NEW: you can now change the leader of a party without recreating it.
  • NEW: you can now reset your XP perk points at every Office Trader. The cost is 4k poptabs per level.
  • NEW: added XP perk: Bad Driver. Increases the collision damage resistance of your vehicles wheels
  • NEW: added XP perk: Gotta Go Fast. Increases your walking and running speed.
  • NEW: added XP perk: Trigger Happy. Increases the amount of ammunition you spawn with.
  • NEW: added XP perk: Frag Enthusiast. Increases the amount of grenades you spawn with.
  • NEW: added XP perk: Field Surgeon. Allows you to use instadocs on your teammates.
  • NEW: added XP perk: Survivalist. Reduces your food and drink consumption.
  • NEW: added scroll wheel action "Flag Info" that can be used on a flag pole when that flag has been stolen.
  • CHANGE: the maximum XP level has been raised to 200
  • CHANGE: some of the stronger vehicles can no longer shoot when located inside of a territory
  • CHANGE: increased the max amount of family map markers to 40
  • CHANGE: changed airdrops: AI-controlled invincible planes now drop them. They may contain better loot.
  • CHANGE: re-enabled packing of karts and quad bikes in enemy territories.
  • CHANGE: the offroad repair truck has been removed from the traders
  • CHANGE: reduced the amount of countermeasure flares of most armed or heavily armored vehicles to 60
  • CHANGE: 3D-markers now get slightly transparent when you aim directly at them
  • CHANGE: the early morning time setting has been re-added.
  • CHANGE: added colors and re-sorted some of the scroll wheel actions in safe zones
  • FIX: tweaked 3D-markers, they no longer mark objects that are very close to you such as bushes, trees or walls.


  • NEW: added several new missions, including STRONG TONK
  • NEW: added new abandoned territory event/mission that appears on the last restart before a territory would despawn due to a stolen flag that hasn't been restored
  • NEW: added new CDF mission for Altis. The old or new CDF will randomly spawn at restart.
  • CHANGE: tweaked details of most existing missions
  • CHANGE: CDF now has a few new surprises in stock
  • CHANGE: The reward vehicles for the CDF mission are now hidden until the mission has been finished


  • New minimum build distance to AAC safezone: 2500m


  • The new "Fuel Station Robbery" and "Landed Spitfire" missions are regarded as static missions (You're not allowed to camp it from your territory).
  • You are not allowed to place objects (e.g. walls) in a way that allows the territory owners to vault or jump over them while attackers can't. (because of anti-glitch mechanics)
  • All players that previously received a hard 7-Player family limit have a clean slate again. Please keep in mind that we will monitor the servers and take action if needed as always.
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  • Warning if you try to build to close to your flag.


  • A bug with crate loading.
  • Increased tolerances for snapping base parts around flag.
  • Multiple tweaks to CDF on Altis and Chernarus.
  • Tweaked airdrop spawn radius.
  • Multiple fixes to traders on Altis.
  • Multiple minor bugs and issues fixed, to many to list.
  • Fixes and tweaks to missions, to many to list.
  • Added missing Marshall-variant to the base fire exclusion list
  • Added price for the Offroad Woodland (mission reward vehicle)



  • Crate unloading, Crates are now always unloaded behind your vehicle.
  • Chernarus: Pobeda Dam is now a no-build-zone (100m from the center)


Thank you to the people that reported the bugs and issues, we are still working on some more tweaks and fixes.

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  • Some quality of life changes done to New CDF.
  • Some quality of life changes to Fotia and Sideras Safezone, more to come, Work in progress.


Chernarus & ALTIS

  • Fixed bug when reviving people over water. 
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  • Added a black M107-X
  • Added Offroad AT and MB 4WD AT (mission reward vehicles)
  • Added some family uniforms
  • Added new base paints (under misc. Needs premium.)
  • Added new territory flags (useable by everyone)
  • Added a Capture Point in the Radiation Zone with special loot
  • Added new traders on Cherno, including both Black Markets
  • New CDF on Cherno (alternates with the old one like on Altis)
  • Altis: Players that logged out within 500m of the CDF will get moved to Sofia or Paros if they log in within the first 15 minutes after a restart.
  • Cherno: Players that logged out within 1500m of the CDF will get moved to Elektrozavodsk or Kamyshovo if they log in within the first 15 minutes after a restart.



  • Re-added the McMillan (SZ) and Barrett Model 98 Bravo (BM)
  • Tweaked the stinger
  • Reworked the XH9 (Flight behavior, Armor values, crate slots and more)
  • Modified Crate slots for the Xi'an (Vehicle Transport now has 3, Infantry has 2)
  • Removed the blue chrome-colored vehicle tuning paint from helicopters and planes to prevent abuse.
  • Added Duct Tape, Extension Cords and Fuel Canisters to the Black Market Equipment Traders



  • Fixed multiple broken weapon sounds (KSVK, McMillan, Barrett Model 98 Bravo and some others)
  • The Vehicle Repair Menu had the wrong prices for some weapon magazines
  • Fixed multiple small problems with existing scripts and missions, to many to list


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