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  1. Yeh i agree the code scanning system seems fine to me. But I have a question, Is there a way to change codes without having to remove doors? I may be just blind and theirs a really simple way but for months iv just been removing doors so the lock drops on floor and then changing code. Its not really a big deal but that might be a nice change if possible a scroll option on doors to change pin. or im just a idiot and that already exists lol
  2. This is a good idea, I play in a small group and one big reason we haven't added any new members is the fact that as soon as we add someone they could just remove our towers and walls ect and go sell everything. With this option it gives small groups a chance to get to know someone and see if we trust them before giving them access to everything. The more options given to territory owners the better in my opinion.
  3. Yeah these are so much better than them giant ugly sheds/towers we had before, nice work man
  4. Belgium I also should say England and I do expect us to get out group but thats about it lol
  5. no idea mate lol a big white one.
  6. Specs: GTX 1080 i7 6700k Some ram a board a few fans and a power supply
  7. so let premium players have two bases lol gives the more committed players the option to have two bases and encourages people to buy premium.
  8. will premium players still have a reserve slot on this server?
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