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  1. 6:38 teh strider hmg is a coward lol good video! Whats the next goal Penny? 2Million Respect?
  2. that was a 300iq play at 5:40
  3. lmao spraydown incoming in 3...2...1...
  4. the last kill was weird lol
  5. glad to hear that ? I think there should be multiple Points of interest inside the radzone so that there is not only 1 spot that gets camped but multiple so that proactive play gets rewarded aswell.
  6. Hey guys! I just had the idea of the rad zone having an event or something special to aquire during the night time. I think it could lead to some intense pvp moments as even with maxed gamma and brightness it is still very dark and shady inside the radzonedue to the radiation filter. What do you guys think about that? kind regards Johnny Haze
  7. I mean jackals are kind of roaming x) they always engage u from 1km+ distance. I think roaming ai would be a pain in the ass. You already have much more and better pvp on altis than on chernarus imo. If you would have to worry about some random npcs spawning right behind you while you are still having a gunfight that would be really annoying. Don't come to me with the argument of it being okay cause the enemies can get into the same situation. The gameplay just gets worse for everybody. To conclude I would say that it just adds bad rng into the game. @Garett Miller
  8. will there be new mods? new items? new missions?
  9. But rises again, harder and stronger @[email protected] show this to your friend who was so happilly chanting: no Panther for youuu! no Panther for youuu! Jokes on you guys I guess...
  10. black market being only availabe at nighttime seems like a terrible idea as it already gets camped super hard. politsai,xohsx,iga camp very frequently at the klen blackmarket if u didnt notice that. @KMH_41
  11. Yeah I dont really want stingers back I think its better how it is now without the stingerdrops. But still...
  12. Hey Guys! As Stingers and maaws mk1s got removed from the cdf mission it doesnt feel that rewarding anymore to do the cdf mission as the mission gets camped extremly anytime it is close to being finished. It feels even worse if u do it with a bigger group as everone only walks out with like 20-40k each. Sure you still got your chances to get some good vehicles but most of the time only btrs and quilins spawn. Would it be possible to add something else fancy? For example the weapon crates are mostly trash... sometimes you will find a good gun like some lmg or sniper rifles or even some rare ammo like the ksvk ammo but still most of the time you dont find any of those. How would you feel about adding some fancy other stuff to the loot table? kind regards, Johnny Haze
  13. @BT b.asH then u haven't been very often near novy and stary sobor. that marid is just sittin on beef's base