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  1. Easier said than done lol. Every time I try that I get gunned down by navids and those just de_stroy armored vehicles
  2. Fair enough but I feel like it just keeps me from using most of the inner map tbh. 😛
  3. Hello, I have two ideas that I just wanna know the opinions of others. First I thought about how high bases were and how annoying they were. I think that the base height limit should be lower b/c it kind of prevents you from doing anything around missions. Every time I do a mission there is some dude up on a base who has perfect visual of the mission so there is no going around it to grab the dank loot. I feel that bases should be used to store stuff and only shoot out of them if people are indeed close by instead of shooting down at missions all the time. I am not able to go in the middle of the map anymore b/c of these bases. Yes, long range sniping is cool and all and I respect those who do it but simply just aiming down on a mission barely 500m away w/ an LMG and third personing is just annoying and cannot be countered, to be honest. And second what about the occasional launcher spawning at rad or something? Just curious if that should be a thing or not. 😄 That's just my opinion let's hear yours.
  4. sounds like a lot of fun and it's a good idea ;D
  5. Is this a bunch of unarmed bambis running around or are people going to be armed?
  6. Hm kind of makes LMGs a tiny bit useless if it champs that often lol, and I think that this would make a lot of fo people unhappy and rage tbh.
  7. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198039035439/ Ingame Name: John Rivers I'm quite active I switch between League of Legends and Arma 3 Exile Arma 3 hours: 2,500 Age: 16 Looking for a decent group who can get things said and done and a group that can chill I live in East Coast US, can speak fluent English and a good amount of French