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  1. Last kill seems completely normal
  2. I suggest that we should have a World War 1 / 2 plane event. There should be two sides: allies and axis. Everyone on one side is in a party same with the other side in a different party. Then they battle it out having biplanes and that weird two-seater plane if you really don't care about each side having their traditional colored planes. (biplane with the French flag and the other German one. I think it would be extremely fun. Also, the price of those planes realllyyyy needs to be lowered.
  3. Desert maps are gross lol. There are very few hills where people will build bases and it'll be aids 😜
  4. You will come in as a PVT like anyone else and you’ll rank up based on your skill and leadership
  5. Please Reply your steam profile or discord profile
  6. Special Forces Brigade is now recruiting! We are currently playing on the Altis server. Our goal is to become the best operating group in the server. We are a serious group but we are also a group that knows how to have fun. We expect experienced people as we raid very often and engage in pvp with other groups. We're strict on our rules but that is only because we respect each member's time and work they put into the game. Our ranks are specifically for discord and in-game territory. It is important to know that we do not force certain tasks on others that could prevent them from having fun. Leadership comes from all of our combined ideas and based on the moment's decision. You will not be forced to follow a certain person if you don't feel like it, although it is highly recommended as our SPC's and our CPL are our most experienced players. Do know that this group may seem big but it isn't and people aren't always due to real life situations, timezones, and everyone has a life. (Except for John Rivers) We await your applications Requirements to join: -Needs good knowledge of Arma 3 & Exile -Good Microphone -Fluent in English -Has patience -Capable of following & accomplishing given tasks -Age: 16+ -----Members in group----- Leader: SSG Forest Co-Leader: SGT Solomon Commanders: CPL Johnny Haze CPL dyllan.duran CPL John Rivers Squad Leaders: SPC DirtyJap SPC Chibs SPC Leviathan Members: PFC Toasted PFC Lion PFC Pablo PFC DirtyJap PFC John Wick PFC Soda PFC Shadow Recruits: PVT Buckshot PVT Anders PVT Robbie
  7. So if I die w/ that much respect I lose bout 100k at least? xD
  8. John Rivers

    Tier 11

    Can we get some tier 11 and 12 or just some more tiers in general ;)? I have a lot of respect 😄 idk what tier 11 should hold, that's up to yall
  9. RPG Tier 2 Titan AT Tier 10 sounds pretty good to me