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  1. Solomon

    Fragtage #2

    Well the music s fucking horrible
  2. Can t seem to find you on discord. Can you add me? Solomon#2518
  3. ah then just keep the first part then?
  4. Well the convoy is only going to get going if they don t manage to break the compound. Also, forgot to add no mines either. And the convoy can have more people defending it apart from the ones in the vehicles and maybe special equipment like uav s to make it harder for the players?
  5. Event name: Truck Escort Description: A HEMTT Box containing high value items (launchers, concrete parts, money) has crashed on it s way to the federal reserve and has stopped to repair. The soldiers have assembled a little compound in order to defend the engineers while they repair the truck. I think a small compound simillar to the ones at cp s can be made for the event and have the truck have crates inside it with money and good item rewards. If after a certain amount of time convicts don t get the truck it will leave towards cherno, escorted by 2 armed MRAPS. It can still be intercepted until the convoy reaches the federal reserve but after that the event is over. I don t know if the ones protecting the compound/convoy would be admins/players or ai , would be better if not ai since they are stupid. Also there would be some rules like: -no rocket launcher (could destroy the truck with all the contents+ it s an event and we don t need the cancerous rocket spam to kill 1 player that some groups do) -no gbu's, no armed mraps from the attacking side (no hunter strider ifrit madrid bobcat panther if they are armed) -no armed helis unless the defendants have plenty of stingers to counter Such an event would require a lot of admins/players though, to make sure the rules are respected and that the compound is actually hard to get to. A solution for the defendants would be to make a form for who wants to defend the compound (players) and let everyone sign up, pick them randomly or based on experience so it can actually be hard, and if they manage to get the truck safely in cherno they win the reward. @Killian
  6. Solomon


    Not here anymore
  7. Message me on discord: Solomon#2518
  8. Solomon

    FragTage #1

    Not bad, good to see a change from only rocket launchers and m107's n shit
  9. Solomon

    What Wat? Part 21

    What car u using? Looks sexy
  10. Solomon


    Ok well I d be interested in started playing again as well but don t think i ever played on cherno since the wipe so don t have anything
  11. Solomon


    I d be down to play as well , alits or cherno?
  12. Solomon


    I know yours as well, do you play exile here?
  13. Solomon


    dO yOu PlAy aLtIs LiFe? If not then it s probably from here, played here before for a long time
  14. Solomon


    Looking for a serious good group to play with, have almost 2k hrs in game. Experienced exile player but haven t played it recently so not sure what my locker looks like, not that it would matter anyway. Pm me here or preferably on discord as I answer faster Solomon#2518
  15. pretty bad idea, it s the way the map is. you can make a separate suggestion for this
  16. That would be nice. Kavala to athira in 2-3 mins. In all honesty though an offroad isn't that exagerated.
  17. I don t see how the few with the top tier respect could throw off the balance with some offroads, which are not persistent so no crate storage.. just a simple offroad. Nothing op about it
  18. because he is a medic and he has more instadocs than the other tiers
  19. well that s in the core exile thing so .. no problem
  20. an offroad or smth would be nice to deploy yea
  21. not a bad idea, yea. would benefit long term playing groups
  22. Solomon

    Terrain quality

    Hm weird it isn t that bad for me, don t know if it s a problem with the server though
  23. Solomon

    Terrain quality

    I only experience the thing you re saying at 600/700m+. Also turn the settings of terrain to Ultra in arma settings and also to the highest in the view distance setting in xm8
  24. That s what missions are for. Roaming AI would literally spoil it if you re just driving chilling and then get killed by some random ai? If you want to kill AI s there s plenty of missions. CDF has 60 of them
  25. No, only at missions and other objectives usually marked on the map. They might bug and go far away from those though
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