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  1. Remove rappel mod.

    Wouldn't it be much easier to just remove Del Reys from the server to counter glitching?
  2. Jimlad's Cheap Kills & Thrills - Volume 2

    RIP Rehab squad Week 9 2018 - Week 10 2018
  3. Yesterday I found a strider hmg in an open field south West of bash trader. It was unlocked and had a code lock on it. Didn't think much of it other than it being dumb luck until this morning when I remembered that we have experienced having cleared and stored a Panther from cargo Tower mission right before restart, and after restart there was an unlocked Panther exactly where the mission was before restart. The Panther we got from the mission was still in the VG so it wasn't a roll back.
  4. Exile PKP OP

    You forgot to add FAL, SPAR, M14, rheinmetall and LIM to the list Conzole. All very popular weapons on the server, up until now. That's more diverse set of commonly used weapons than on other servers Just don't see the reason at the moment why anyone except snipers would use anything else from now on, besides out of boredom, if things are left as they are. The tracers alone isn't a big enough draw back imo. Maybe its a honeymoon period. We'll see.
  5. Exile PKP OP

    If you look at monthly stats and go into the profile of active players you will see that PK and PKP is about to be the most used weapon by most players. Taking into consideration that the update have only been available since the 9th this month I'd say that is a very good indicator that it is turning into a PKP fest....or you could just look at the kill feed when you're playing. Nothing to get mad about Razor. Just pointing it out as I don't think its good for the server in the long run if there is no incentive to use any other weapon.
  6. Exile PKP OP

    Server have become a PKP fest after the exile update. I see that one have seen a price increase to 1050, but the other one is still 350. Not that the price increase matters. Why risk going to BM to buy an Spmg for 6000+ when you can get something better for a fraction of the price without the added risk.
  7. Pawnee prices

    Don't see the problem as long as there are viable AA options. You just have to have the dedication to go and buy a redeye if you're doing missions and you see someone getting kills with a pawnee or regular pawnee pilots are online.
  8. 2 concurrent hacks at one time across the server

    The quick and easy fix obviously is to update the tips & tricks to state only 1 concurrent hack 😅 Thanks for checking it out and confirming it is a bug. Good to know.
  9. 2 concurrent hacks at one time across the server

    Could be. Did 2 hacks, both finished successfully on first attempt, tried to do two safes at the same time and the last one failed due to above mentioned message, did two more hacks (not at the same time) after that and both were successful on first attempt.
  10. 2 concurrent hacks at one time across the server

    Can't remember exactly. Something along the lines of "hack failed. maximum bandwidth reached". We tried to hack two safes at the same time in the same territory. Edit: there were no other hacks ongoing at the time either.
  11. Not sure if it is a bug or intended, but it is not possible to do 2 concurrent hacks at one time in the same territory. Both hacks will keep going, but upon reaching 100% the one that started last will give an error message.
  12. Rocket Launchers

    They are ridiculously easy to get. Reduce the amount spawning on mission. Let people work a bit for the privledge of blowing up a ;70k+ vehicle with a 1.5k rocket.
  13. New Baseraiding system

    You don't get xp for grinding either anymore.
  14. Maybe it was intentional from Shellshock to not scare you away, but we have an englishman in the group as well. We're a fairly mature group. With the exception of our prodigy LJK, we're all 23-34 years old. Anyways, if you contact Shell to see how we gel, we will treat you well.
  15. Possible 2nd Server - Map Vote!

    Why isn't Taivana a choice? Was a great map. I'd vote for it.