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  1. If it was a spawn car you found with no code lock on it, it will despawn on restart.
  2. Not trying to spice things up, I just happen to disagree with you as I think the CP's and rewards are fine as they are. I don't think failure should be rewarded even though you and probably others too feel hard done by after clearing a mission.
  3. There is no issue. The missions are working as intended. If the very concept of them weren't to invite PvP and campers there wouldn't be three globally announced messages saying that someone is doing the mission and how long it is until its completed.
  4. As has been said, CP missions aren't really intended for solo players to cap. If you take a CP mission uncontested (even after completion) you can easily make 100k+ pop tabs by grabbing tabs from crates, looting npc and and selling crates. If they are to be balanced more in favor of solo players, the pop tab reward should also be lowered.
  5. Seems a restart fixed it
  6. Think this is a bug. I looted a stinger and rocket off a guy on the CDF mission. Noticed I apparently had two rockets in the mag (ref last picture)? The rocket also separates from the others in storage (first picture). Im assuming this should not be the case ? Have not tested if im actually able to shoot two rockets without reloading, but can do so for science if you want.
  7. We'll take your suggestion into consideration Zaperdash
  8. If Bohemia changed lock on launchers, wouldnt the Titan MPRL also be affected (i.e. not as effective as it used to be)? Maybe worth some testing because the Redeye is less effective than a steaming pile of dogshit atm.
  9. Excuse my ignorance, but in what way have hunters/ifrit/striders been buffed?
  10. Mr. Soap

    What Wat? Part 14

    Don't really see what group sizes have to do with anything. He posted one post that you obviously took to heart, and going by how you act it looks like he was right, and you have kept hassling him for weeks, and gotten the rest of your team and admins in on it and even added it to the fucking loading screen. I don't expect anything better from you, but you'd think the people representing the server would maybe have had a word on it but instead they have encouraged it which is just sad.
  11. Mr. Soap

    What Wat? Part 14

    He must feel really welcome on here when one of the biggest groups including several admins keeps harassing him for no good reason.
  12. Mr. Soap

    Respect Perks

    I think we get too much perks and nice things based on respect as it is.
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