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  1. It’s alright Nick, Im not going to waste more time on it and consider this my last post. You’ve conveniently kicked me from discord already despite me not saying anything confrontive or critical. We’ve reported stuff several times and the same admins are still playing with the same people and still have the same roles within the admin team so no matter what action has been taken, as we’ve been told have been done without any disclosure of what the actions are, we do not get the impression or feeling that anything has been done at all. We’ve moved on as there’s no belief that things will improve as the key people on SG are too tightly knit together and protective of each other. Have fun as long as it lasts. ps @Winky yawn
  2. The server is great, the map is great. If you ran it with an ounce of integrity it would still be thriving. As long as you have admins that give away player positions to other team mates, give info on other families, encourage other groups to raid other families, spectates their own base as admin while being raided, tries to kill others with admin tools, comes out with racist remarks in global chat after already being warned not to do so again, perm ban players and give burden of proof on the banned player (i could go on) this server will not last much longer. Nobody wants to play on a server that is effectively a playground for admins and their friends.
  3. If it was a spawn car you found with no code lock on it, it will despawn on restart.
  4. Not trying to spice things up, I just happen to disagree with you as I think the CP's and rewards are fine as they are. I don't think failure should be rewarded even though you and probably others too feel hard done by after clearing a mission.
  5. There is no issue. The missions are working as intended. If the very concept of them weren't to invite PvP and campers there wouldn't be three globally announced messages saying that someone is doing the mission and how long it is until its completed.
  6. As has been said, CP missions aren't really intended for solo players to cap. If you take a CP mission uncontested (even after completion) you can easily make 100k+ pop tabs by grabbing tabs from crates, looting npc and and selling crates. If they are to be balanced more in favor of solo players, the pop tab reward should also be lowered.
  7. Seems a restart fixed it
  8. Think this is a bug. I looted a stinger and rocket off a guy on the CDF mission. Noticed I apparently had two rockets in the mag (ref last picture)? The rocket also separates from the others in storage (first picture). Im assuming this should not be the case ? Have not tested if im actually able to shoot two rockets without reloading, but can do so for science if you want.
  9. We'll take your suggestion into consideration Zaperdash
  10. Im glad mixers arent available as on cherno. More PvP and more risk is a good thing.
  11. If Bohemia changed lock on launchers, wouldnt the Titan MPRL also be affected (i.e. not as effective as it used to be)? Maybe worth some testing because the Redeye is less effective than a steaming pile of dogshit atm.
  12. Excuse my ignorance, but in what way have hunters/ifrit/striders been buffed?
  13. It won't nerf 80% of the rigs on the server get a grip man. I play on a 5 year old 4770k (never over clocked) and get same fps, sometimes even better on ultra. Same goes for others too as this thread shows. I understand that people don't want grass on Cherno as you can go prone and bipod anywhere without getting your view obstructed, and you will be able to see people easier in CQC, but that is rarely the case on Abramia anyway so among those 50% that voted no on Cherno im guessing there are a few who didn't vote due to their rig being poor but out of convenience. It could be that a vote would end very differently on Abramia due to the different types of maps.