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  1. players used inmate market to deposit money into their locker even when they were over the limit. They posted item for x amount of poptabs and then they gave money they need deposited to friend who would buy their item. We cant let players do that and we cant let players buy item and have extra money voided.
  2. we should get @Demples to record as he carries rest of admin team :P
  3. that statbar size o.O
  4. While RHS is a lot of fun, i dont believe they give permission to be used on monetized servers. It is also more aimed at militarised servers. Kinda pointless to add ~10gb of mods for 3-5 vehicles.
  5. Why does it matter. Grass stops rendering past 50m so you still stick out like a sore thumb.
  6. Aintence


    Just hack the flag with laptop. Flags aint worth stealing when you consider amount of explosives it takes to get to them. For laptop, you just need to see part of it. It was fun hacking flags when they poke through the roof of base.
  7. It will work but i can guarantee you will make glitch logs during stealing. The animation will make your playermodel stand up and poke head through few floors :)
  8. Its issue of desync. Server stops recieving data as to where the crate is so the crate simply freezes in air. That causes the ropes to stretch too far and snap. That causes crate to fall. Or worse, ropes dont snap but crate literally bounces back into heli causing it to blow up.
  9. Would be nice to see some CUP vehicles edited. Mainly capacity of some of them. C130 with 500 capacity is a bit ridiculus.
  10. I think i speak for everyone when i say towing is already painful. My suggestion is to allow people to deploy ropes without rope required. Most vehicles (Especially armoured ones) have few ropes as standard. I think it would make life easier if i we didnt need ropes to tow.