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  1. I agree about dropping server capacity to around 50/55. When it's full the frames takes a big hit and with it being quite a small map with most people hanging around the northern parts of the map the spawn towns and missions become ww3. Love the map and hope it will stay around for a long time
  2. Yes pls but not fully dark like when you dont see anything at all if you don't have nightvision on you
  3. Now i wanna know what part @ImUnleasheD helped with this! I bet he allready have a base on the tallest mountain on the map ?
  4. I blame brain malfunction and beer.
  5. Get on at restarts, it's every 3 hours. That or buy premium.
  6. Yeah what on earth do you need that for, looks way too high as well and a real fps eater
  7. Well if someone has 20 concrete floors on their flag it's not only gonna take time but how tf will anyone succeed in blowing all those floors without getting killed? Edit: 20 concrete floors would take 5 hours of nonstop planting big mommas to destroy, you telling me that's feasible? xd
  8. Oh shit didn't even think about the rapelling! Migrating over from a server with strict building rules and very fast on the trigger if they found anything breaking the rules the slightest, so forive me for being cautious Btw how do i destroy the castle towers in extended base mod??
  9. Hi, Thank you for the swift reply, was confused whether it was allowed or not to have flag inside objects. But regarding the floating room it was not if you can have your flag there. Lets say i build a floating room and put a couple of safes in there. Then i move the stairs to the side so nobody can go up there. And so i move the stairs back every time i need to enter myself. It would make the safes virtually impossible to raid, but is it against the rules or no? Cheers
  10. Hey! So far been having alot of fun on the server. But I have a few questions about base building rules and raiding as it's not 100% clear in the rules section. One rule says: Your flag must be accessible at the bottom. Yet i have seen a couple of bases protecting their flags by placing concrete floors stacked on top of eachother. So the flag is not accessible without first destroying a couple of floors. Are you allowed to have no doors? So you can block off entrance with a concrete wall and just move it whenever you go in/out? No rules on having ground access by stairs/floors. So can I build a saferoom in the air and only having a concrete stair that i move whenever i go in/out? Also first time playing on a server with the extended base mod. How do I destroy these objects? Like the Castle tower that seems to be very popular, what do you need to destroy it? Satchel charges or big mommas? Lastly i've been looking for any information on raiding times. How long is a safe/vg hack and what percentage to fail? How many batteries do you need to grind a lock and how long does it take? Thanks
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