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  1. @Nick Simple, remove missions and there will be no mission campers anymore, problem solved.
  2. Safes or containers in general don't count towards the part limit however they will affect your ability to place that last object. Unless something has changed
  3. I want the rank of professional bullet & rocket magnet !
  4. That's prob the reason why the sight on it is so screwed, it probably was made to work with conventional resolutions (16:9 ratio) and not with anything else.
  5. There's only 3 ranks for territories. L1: Base spawn only L2: Full access to moving stuff and opening doors L3: Owner so obviously full access
  6. Plant a bomb -> 150xp Grind a door -> 250xp Hack a safe -> 250xp ? Do a cp -> 350xp Destroy vehicle -> 45xp Buy a vehicle -> 35xp Repair a vehicle -> 15xp Hotwire a vehicle -> 15xp? Kill a player -> 25xp Kill AI -> 10xp per AI (i think it was 10) Sell items -> 5xp per item Waste dump cargo -> 35xp Revive a friend -> 15xp (probably 15 or maybe more, idk) Those are most of the ways i could think of off the top of my head.
  7. Holla atm e when you see me ingame, same name as here.
  8. I can sell you a cement mixer for 250k or 12 stinger rockets if you're interested
  9. As title suggests, would the ability to reset your perk points ever be considered ? Add it as an option at trade zone and make it cost like 250k tabs at least.
  10. All you need is to place it down, roll up relatively close to it with a vehicle to rearm but to refuel you need to go 1st person and look at the gas pump, scroll and select refuel option
  11. Because it tried to render top of that hill and screwed the sides
  12. Terrain is pretty fucky on altis in most places, even setting terrain to high won't save most people. Here's a comparison from one spot i remember being really bad https://imgur.com/a/nPKotPv
  13. Setting terrain to normal won't help much on Altis, when i first started playing exile it was on altis with terrain set to normal by default without the commodity of switching it up to ultra and terrain glitching was bad past 500m. And by bad i mean you could be on the side of a hill and you'd be invisible to other players who are further away from you. Also forcing it to ultra would kill fps for those who don't have a top of the line system.
  14. CDF Cabaret coffee bar has been closed due to unforeseen inmate activity. Altis salt flats are the second saltiest place on earth, right after you.
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