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  1. The event is over, it was fun, I got out with more than enough to satisfy the time put into it so we are satisfied. It was a bumpy start, with the server shitting itself and kicking people out right as it began. But it was a good idea. Perhaps if an event along those lines happens again it can be refined to work better. Although to come back to what Pennywise raised, can someone explain the tower. Last message I noticed during the event was that the base would be gone on the next restart.
  2. Flares are not needed at all. A good pilot like you knows this. Last thing you need is to have your favourite toy upped in price.
  3. Panthers? What Panthers? All I see is a roof 😉
  4. There will always be people who want a change and people who don't. It doesn't matter what you do it will never be possible to please everyone. Same discussion was had for Abramia which in the end was changed, in my opinion (even though I didn't play it) it was a good change. I guess in a way the invisible hills/mountains etc takes away a little bit of the immersion. Maybe even a lot of the immersion. The points raised about the issue as close as 200m are accurate, I have experienced it myself and to me it does feel kind of stupid how it happens. Just humour me for a second and think about this: Arma is a mil sim, but you cant take out a little device and essentially turn on "hide mountains" in real life (yes its a game but just think about that) so it seems out of place to be able to do it in a game. Since the change on Abramia, from memory, the server seems to have kept its popularity. I personally don't see what harm it would bring to the Altis server to change it in some way. It sure seems like it needs looked into just like it did on Abramia, I mean I've never seen it as bad as 200m+. You wouldn't think you would need to turn it up to ultra to shoot someone that close, but in some cases now you have to double check that before you shoot. At the end of the day this is more of a discussion about player preference, some people/groups want it easy and others want it to feel a bit more realistic and fair. Like I said you wont be able to please everyone here unless someone can find some sort of compromise where both sides can agree.
  5. I welcome the changes in prices to both the Helis AND the stingers/titans. This might encourage people to switch up their playstyle and bring them out of their usual comfort zones, isn't that part of the fun? I say let this play out until the admins notice any patterns of abuse or real issues with the pricing changes and then let them look into changes if/when they are needed. Not much else to add, Winky and Rosco pretty much covered all relevant points here.
  6. Looks good on Ultra Terrain with modified grass to me at least. While ultra will not 100% negate the invisible mountains it does help very much to minimalize it. Personally I love grass, makes the map look so much better, however I would be 100% happy for little/no grass if it means the mountains are less of an issue.
  7. When more and more members of a community come together to address an issue and they are shot down without proper discussion from the ones who hold the power, that's not a very diplomatic way of handling things. This needs discussed properly, with valid reasons given as to WHY this will never be considered apart from "what about the 1% with bad pcs" or "will kill performance".
  8. @Mr. Soap and @ACAB seem to agree in some way shape or form unless I have misread. Whether or not other members in their groups feel the same I don't know. This isn't just one group talking about anything. Curious how many more groups would need to come forward and voice their opinion before anything is actually taken seriously about this topic?
  9. No it 100% does not happen on Cherno the same as it happens on Isla, yes it happens, but it is NOWHERE near the same degree as it is on Isla, you can't argue with that. Why was it dealt with without complaint until now you ask? Because as has already been stated, it wasn't a problem on Cherno like it is on Isla. As for forcing it off low (if that was the course of action taken) that is still better than the current situation on Isla.
  10. In my opinion it is rather game breaking on Isla Abramia. I know it works both ways if 2 enemies have the settings on low they can both see each other on opposite mountains hiding behind the peak, but that shouldn't be a thing. In some cases you have to be VERY close for the real mountain shape to form. If you play on increased settings then an enemy will spot you, while you will not spot them. I also find myself having to constantly switch settings between low and ultra to figure out if an enemy I spot is on my side of the hill/mountain or 200m down the opposite end. The map is fricking beautiful, the terrain is a good mix of snow/greenery with some desert-y terrain as well. But half invisible mountains for me kind of ruins the gameplay. It makes sense to have the option present on cherno, there are not huge open mountains covering a large area of the map there. Never really had the problem occur during my many hours of game time on cherno. But Isla needs something done about it. For such a great server it would be a shame for something so easily fixable to be the cause of what I think is a rather big problem.
  11. I myself would like them adjusted so they can stay in the standard trader, I don't want to have to go to the BM every time I want to try look cool (until i die)