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  1. I'm not sure they will have enough players using that method.
  2. Looks recorded in 4:3 as well
  3. Shiv_P.... BEEF You got that right
  4. Haven't had any since wipe - if still applicable my IGN is Shiv_P
  5. Well ngl he was stupid to go so low...
  6. Shiv_P

    Old and new friends

    Welcome to the VIKINIGS
  7. At distance ARMA sinks you into the ground to emulate grass with grass enabled
  8. +1 the map looks more naff without the grass and you basically can't hide now if you aren't in a pine tree
  9. All the buildings can be shot out of
  10. +1 on DS Houses I played on a server also with this mod and it helped a lot with the experience
  11. Yep I agree with Jim it can be genuinely useful However personally I most of the time can't be arsed to change name at all as I use A3Launcher lol