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  1. you can get it for £14.84 if you buy the ultimate bundle edition on steam if you already have the other dlcs https://gyazo.com/5ca76b1e86bcc9cd234c8da9a8b78d91
  2. Wheres my invite, id definatley pay more for that!
  3. its really not! Shooting or scouting within the radius of any territory (even if it doesn't belong to you) into a spawn zone or any kind of trader is not allowed.
  4. you wanna be careful sniping into spawn town from base like that ? Nice kill tho
  5. Don Vito

    Amateur Video

    some nice kills there mate ?
  6. 65 is pushing it to the max without running into problems server wise, unfortunately cant be increased
  7. Nice work again @ImUnleasheD ?
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