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  1. been thinking that could be a good idea for ksvks and m107s, make them more valuable
  2. There is a mod for 2 primaries but unless its been improved there was an exploit to dupe using it, shame though as it would be cool You can fit a ksvk or m107 in a molle backpack and swap it out with mk48, remmington or a few others
  3. Wheres my invite, id definatley pay more for that!
  4. Don Vito

    Some Clan Montage #1

    its really not! Shooting or scouting within the radius of any territory (even if it doesn't belong to you) into a spawn zone or any kind of trader is not allowed.
  5. Don Vito

    Some Clan Montage #1

    you wanna be careful sniping into spawn town from base like that ? Nice kill tho
  6. Don Vito

    Amateur Video

    some nice kills there mate ?
  7. Good job you didnt say what ear! wouldnt want people sneaking up on you ?
  8. 65 is pushing it to the max without running into problems server wise, unfortunately cant be increased
  9. Nice work again @ImUnleasheD ?
  10. Boat trader have and need waste dumps to sell from boats and submarines, if your in a heli or plane you can just land at trader and dump there, don't think its needed
  11. be good if we could get a tazer ? and when the others get HK MP5 he could have a pistol, still a disadvantage to other classes in weapons
  12. i dont see why he can't have a pistol ?
  13. Congrats with your promotion from Moderator to Admin!

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