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  1. How we all know debug is not a playable area, but there are so many people who is breaking this rule. Maybe they just don`t read the rules, or can`t translate them, maybe punishment is not strong enough, but they move in the debug and have advantage over the other players, it is fact. I suggest some different ways to solve this problem: 1) The strictest - if you go to debug you will die and loss all your inventory This way is so strict in my mind but it of course decide the problem (for notice new players, you can mark this place like die zones or sth else) 2)Make radiation in debug, this rad should be more dangerous then radiation in the rad zone and gaz mask shouldn`t work I see this solution on some servers, and it had warked. 3)Very annoying messages. When you go to debug you will have this message with warning that you can loss all your inventory I hope you pay attention to this problem. Thanks
  2. Caution!!! So much Russian in the second part ?
  3. I think it isn`t good idea, Quads are not perfect, but if we will use vechicles more faster it can brake the balance.
  4. Part with Altis is very nice?
  5. Sorry for the huge amount of Russian in the video, I hope a misunderstanding of speech will not spoil the view ?
  6. IGA

    Terrain quality

    lol, why normal worse than low?
  7. He removes the time-moment with all passwords?
  8. Nice video and do not forget to change passwords ??
  9. IGA

    Terrain quality

    An example of what I was talking about, the distance to sand wall is about 250 meters and I can perfectly see how someone is running behind it without any wallhack, I think this is not normal
  10. IGA

    Terrain quality

    Thanks for advice but I know how to change the graphics settings, I just think it's dishonest because you can look through the ground to the players, it is legal wallhack
  11. IGA

    Terrain quality

    I think you need to fixate the quality of the landscape to the ultra, as it was done on Abramia. Because it isn't normal when I can see people on the mountain through the earth from the distance 300-400 meters. On Chernarus the low settings looked better, and it was not so noticeable.
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