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  1. Part with Altis is very nice👍
  2. Sorry for the huge amount of Russian in the video, I hope a misunderstanding of speech will not spoil the view 😃
  3. IGA

    Terrain quality

    lol, why normal worse than low?
  4. He removes the time-moment with all passwords😃
  5. Nice video and do not forget to change passwords 😂🤣
  6. IGA

    Terrain quality

    An example of what I was talking about, the distance to sand wall is about 250 meters and I can perfectly see how someone is running behind it without any wallhack, I think this is not normal
  7. IGA

    Terrain quality

    Thanks for advice but I know how to change the graphics settings, I just think it's dishonest because you can look through the ground to the players, it is legal wallhack
  8. IGA

    Terrain quality

    I think you need to fixate the quality of the landscape to the ultra, as it was done on Abramia. Because it isn't normal when I can see people on the mountain through the earth from the distance 300-400 meters. On Chernarus the low settings looked better, and it was not so noticeable.
  9. Hurrah! It happened !😃
  10. Press Alt+F4 for a free reserve slot