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  1. Im confused about everything in this video and title
  2. The kill on me from my point of view ns!
  3. rofl @ where you shoot me hanging at the elektro bridge. went for a poo.. came back and was ded
  4. Haha All the jokes aside tho. Was the camel planes removed for a reason? And would there be a possibility for them to be added back any time in the future?
  5. Hahaha! No no.. Just the planes for now haha
  6. Hey 0/ So I'm a big big fan of the Armed Camel plane, and saw somewhere in the media section a video from the server that they have been added to your servers. Would it somehow be possible to add them back in? Or was there any reason why they were removed? Been trying to look it up on the forum, but I couldn't find any
  7. Hey lads! Been playing a lot the last few weeks, and I've been recording some clips for a little montage. I've been away from the game for roughly 3 years, so It's nice to finally play again and I'm still rusty so don't judge!
  8. You can delete this thread if you want. Don't know why I posted it in Media. Must've been tired
  9. Maybe I should search the forum before posting . Good guide bud. I've gained 20 more fps now! Thank you!
  10. Hey all. I've been away from the game for some years, and I was just wondering what "tricks" you guys have to boost your fps? I'm currently at 30-50 with this setup; i5-9600kf 3.70 Ghz 16gb Ram RTX 2070 I know A3 is a heavy CPU based game. But I'd like to know if there's any way to increase my fps And what launch parameters do you guys use?
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