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  1. It's starting to get super annoying not being able to keep track of who you're up against. These groups are the same that properly caused the server to restrict the height of safes too. Yea I might get some hate for saying that, but I really don't see the point of changing your name every single restart and if not - at least once a day. Any thoughts about this? And is it even possible to restrict the amount of times you can change your name?
  2. Last.. Year right! I said that 6 years ago
  3. I posted this some days ago on discord, and I know 2 admins replied. But I really still don't understand why a few groups gets to ruin it all the rest of us. If it was such a big problem with raiding base due to safes being placed in a certain way - why not just make a rule about that? It's SUPER annoying to run down from a heli tower, to place stuff in safes. When we've aaaalways been able to have a drop off safe no matter the height. Those bases with safes that made em' "unraidable" is unraidable anyway.. Because those groups are online 24/7. So what's the d
  4. Im confused about everything in this video and title
  5. The kill on me from my point of view ns!
  6. rofl @ where you shoot me hanging at the elektro bridge. went for a poo.. came back and was ded
  7. Haha All the jokes aside tho. Was the camel planes removed for a reason? And would there be a possibility for them to be added back any time in the future?
  8. Hahaha! No no.. Just the planes for now haha
  9. Hey 0/ So I'm a big big fan of the Armed Camel plane, and saw somewhere in the media section a video from the server that they have been added to your servers. Would it somehow be possible to add them back in? Or was there any reason why they were removed? Been trying to look it up on the forum, but I couldn't find any
  10. Hey lads! Been playing a lot the last few weeks, and I've been recording some clips for a little montage. I've been away from the game for roughly 3 years, so It's nice to finally play again and I'm still rusty so don't judge!
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