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  1. -In game name: Roblox_player -Age: 19 -Location/Time zone? EU CET -Do you have a Mic and access to Discord yes -How many hours u got in arma? 3.2k -How much hours have you played on Exile ~ 2.5-3k -Why do you want to join Envy? to kill my ex group (Turang, The slav etc) and to finally join a decent group cuz mans solo
  2. can watch it in 4K soon
  3. hahaha, thanks, you scared me
  4. I agree that its OP as fuck, but on the other end of the gun, its hella fun to use it, but also its very annoying when you are just chilling and doing missions and you get bonked by a fucking 20mm HE bullet
  5. should be able to watch it in 4K aswell))
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