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  1. Feel free to make a suggestion in the discord to not allow it, but it has been a thing and don't think many people want to not allow it.
  2. You have to stay below 100m or you will go into the 'skydiving' animation. Yes you can do it in default arma, but like Yeti said you die every time because in default arma you can't pull a parachute under 100m like you can in exile. Gotta be somewhat low, then angle upwards and eject and then pull launcher/gun out.
  3. It is called a rocket man. People also do this with normal guns or grenade launchers. Is pretty fun, should try it.
  4. The concrete cube isn't place-able, you have to craft a concrete box.
  5. https://www.spartangaming.co.uk/rewards/
  6. Make a ticket in our discord https://discord.gg/BYpagPx
  7. You can abandon it yourself which will lose your flag levels, by following the steps here https://prnt.sc/122oq31 If you want to save your flag levels, you can get a base pack here
  8. I mean, Ghost Town and Balota are the main ones. Other then that, if you want pvp, you just gotta know where to find it. This is a pvp server after all.
  9. Colby

    Turki the sniperino

    Elite as in EliteNPC, not sure why he switched his name to that, but it was him xD
  10. Colby

    Turki the sniperino

    Dayum, Elite literally got deleted 3 times today... LOL #ripelite That was a hell of a shot tho, was at BM looking at him with rangefinders when that happened too but wasn't recording at the time. Looked amazing
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