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  1. wow. i thought he would do something good like shot some out of a strider. btw i did that
  2. its ok to snip the spawn towns from your base. there are players who half their kills are homie sniping the spawn town
  3. i kind agree about the last part
  4. i will upload that clip where i shot your heli with maaws
  5. if you know how to hide it wont matter i use m107x and shot a whole mag and no one finds me not to flex but i got 1.1mil rep so you see where i am coming from
  6. press space to make it go away
  7. what i mean by control is try to fly from the safe zone to the south black market 6/10 you will be stingerd by tsp or cumb dunt and we all know how many Russians are there from the 50pnc
  8. i will look into the editor but when you look at the black markets now there are 2 bases very close controlling them like tsp with stingers cumb dunt and ... and the 50pnc
  9. altis is big it has 4 safe zones and only 2 black markets the 3rd one will really help
  10. navid and maaws mod 1 or m107x and maaws mod 1
  11. phantom lord

    oof .....

    they are good if they snip from 1.6k
  12. what is that gl guy you use
  13. some good music
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