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  1. Why not remove it from Black Market and make it so players can only get it from Ai's, Mission crates, and inmate market?
  2. Any possible way to disable weather effects such as rain while maintaining a Morning to Evening Cycle?
  3. I know the weather to be changed has been suggested before and always denied but that's mainly because everyone has asked for night time. However, what if the weather gets cycled from Morning to Afternoon to Evening and then starts over again. This should keep things fresh and could make for some interesting pvp.
  4. Joel

    Adding realism?

    I dont feel like its something any of the current servers might need. Just like Nick said, its mainly an arcade shooter. However, I wouldnt be against the idea of it being implemented in a hardcore server if one ever comes out.
  5. Joel

    Overhead Compass

    It gets in the way when trying to pvp due to the size of the compass. Not sure if it only happens to me but whenever I tried using the xm8 compass it doesnt automatically update. I could be looking North and then look South and it will take the compass a while to update. So I end up using the ingame compass
  6. An Inmate has just captured your reserved slot
  7. Nothing fancy, just adds something new and also easier way of navigating/calling out positions - Mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1138842442&searchtext=compass
  8. Joel

    Flag value

    Agree with OP, double down on price of stolen flag from 5k to 10k per level. Seems like a minimal amount of increase that wont affect the server economy at all and we could work from there increasing/decreasing if need be.
  9. Joel

    New mission ideas?

    How would the server choose who defends/attacks?
  10. Joel

    Offline Raiding

    I normally play around 11pm Eastern and agree it should be changed to 25+ seeing as the server usually averages 30+ most days and 40+ on weekends
  11. Joel


    Lol. I was trying to link the zombies and demons mod file. Not sure where that picture is even from. Also, the sixth sense perk would be intended to allow you to unlock the 8g scan rather than starting with it. In regards towards the food/water idea, I wasnt 100% with the idea from the start but just threw it in there to see.
  12. Joel


    [CHANGE] - Change trader locations (If you agree, comment on other places it could be moved to.) My personal preference is Stary & Khelm - 1-3 traders (If you agree, would you rather change it 1-2 or keep it as 3? If so, what locations would you like?) My personal preference is 2 - Players with territory access don't have to enter door pin after already entering it once. If the door/door lock is removed, then the combo would have to be entered again. [ADD] - Zombies (https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=501966277) - Bicycles - Toggle Move/Remove options while in base - Day/Night Cycle. Example: Day could last 45m while night lasts only 15m. (FULL MOON NIGHT) - Create a stat that shows "player with most missions completed" on leaderboard - Cannibalism (ability to skin and quarter bodies and sell organs at market & eat. [REMOVE] - Ghillie kit from spawn loadout. Ghillie suits are possibly the best for any pvp encounter just because of the ability of not showing backpack. By removing the Ghillie from loadout kit we force the player to scavenge/purchase ghillies, thus making it more valuable. [LOWER] - Food/Water spawn % on the coast. (Players will be forced to head inland and hopefully encourage mission pvp) [PERKS] - Explosives Expert - Placing Breaching Charges is 10% quicker - Explosives Expert 2 - Placing Breaching Charges is 20% quicker - Explosives Expert 3 - Placing Breaching Charges is 30% quicker - Nutrition - Hunger/Thirst decrease 25% slower - Nutrition 2 - Hunger/Thirst decrease 50% slower - Appreciated - Recieve 25% bonus respect from any activities/kills - Respected - Recieve 50% bonus respect from activities/kills - Prestigious - Recieve 100% bonus respect from activities/kills - Rookie - Recieve 25% bonus exp from activities - Experienced - Recieve 50% bonus exp from activities - Qualified - Recieve 100% bonus exp from activities - Sixth Sense - Unlocks 8G Player Scan (5m cooldown) - Sixth Sense 2 - 8G Player Scan lowers to 4m
  13. 1. After setting up my flagpole in the corner of my base, it randomly tilted over and thus being exposed from the outside. I contacted an admin to let him know of the issue and informed me it was no problem and it would be fixed on restart. However, upon restart, the situation got worse and the flagpole is now completely outside floating in mid air.....? Would it be possible for an admin to move the flagpole back into the near corner of the inside of my base? 2. Also, I seem to have an issue that whenever I try to place down objects in my base, it keeps telling me that I am in an enemy territory. I have already roamed within a 400m from my base in a radius to see if any hidden enemy flagpoles are around but I have found none so far. So now my question is, how far would I have to be from any enemy bases in order for it to not be considered an enemy territory? 3. I managed to somehow be able to place (some) objects but whenever I am in building mode and ready to place down my concrete door, I notice the color is green (indicating that I should be allowed to place it) but It doesn't allow me to place it where I want it to be.
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