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Rosco Coltrane

Improve your FPS in Arma 3 Guide (No Guarantee)

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So with a few simple steps you may be able to improve your FPS in Arma 3, i have done this for a few people during my Arma time and for most it has made an increase of FPS and Smoothness in Arma, There are probably 100 more things you can do that i wont list in this guide. :)


Step 1: Download and Run https://www.malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner/


Step 2: Download and Run Unpark-CPU-App.zip from this post, Press Check Status and when that is done Choose Unpark All.


Step 3: Download and Run https://winaero.com/request.php?1796 Then Disable Cortana and Other Windows Features you do not need.


Step 4: Go into your Windows Control Panel and go to Power Options and set it to High Performance.


Step 5: Right Click on This Pc or what ever it is called in your installation language then go to Advanced System Settings then go to Advanced in the new Tab and Choose Best Performance Screenshot of how it should look is at this link: https://prnt.sc/j6x73t 


Step 6: Removed unnecessary programs from starting with Windows, this can be accomplished by Pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL and go into Task Managed and Then Startup and Then Select what programs you do not need to Start with Windows, This can be edited very easy later on as well.


Step 7: When you launch Arma 3 from either A3 Launcher or Arma 3 Launcher always remember to CLOSE them once your game starts to load, i have noticed a little difference with it running and not.


This is just a Simple Guide that may give you more FPS in Arma 3 but i cannot guarantee anything, there is some more steps that can be done in Graphics Settings as well, Turning everything to Low in Arma 3 will decrease the Performance and not Increase it, Most PC's are more happy with everything set to Standard og High, but this you have to test yourself (Depends alot on your Hardware Configuration)


Also if you have to possability to install Arma 3 on a SSD drive this very often increases FPS the most by as much as 15-30 FPS on Average .


Please Try and keep this Thread Clean i will delete and remove irrelevant comments and posts.


I am Available on Teamspeak very often if you need any help with this, so come on and have a CHAT!!! :2_grimacing:



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a little extra info on why setting everything to low will result in a decrease in fps instead of an increase, because this might sound weird to some people,


This game is very demanding of your CPU, most of the stuff get handled by it,

when a setting is set to low, the game makes the CPU perform those tasks, meaning it will ask even more from your CPU, while your GPU is just idling, not doing much of the work,


once those settings are set at or above the high preset, the game will ask the GPU to do them instead, meaning your CPU will perform all its normal tasks, and your GPU actually helping out, and doing stuff.


For the average pc, its better to split up that workload between your GPU and CPU, therefor some settings when set to high will actually result in a higher fps.

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Step 1: Purchase a newer Intel CPU

Step 2: Purchase a good CPU cooler

Step 3: Overclock


Enjoy your semi-smooth gameplay. 


The sad truth is Arma is very dependant on single core performance. If you have an older Intel or AMD processor you won't have as many frames as possible. 

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