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  1. not like it matters but that is really lame and i would try night for a small time
  2. Will Chernarus have a night trial?
  3. Hopefully this one will have night!
  4. To all people saying that no one plays when it is night well I disagree, I think some of players but not most would disconnect. Any weather change or night/ dusk would be great. You could even do special missions regarding night,you could make the black market only available at night time like on some other servers. I think that you should do a trial period and go from there.
  5. Make the night short and sweet, please just try this for myself and other players.
  6. When I found out that this exile sever did night have night I was very disappointed and shocked. I have asked some people of how thet fell about this and one person replied "sadly it does not have night" many people would like for this to be a part of this sever, not only to increase roleplay but to improve pvp. Here are some reasons to add night to this exile sever: -Add ropleplay -Improve pvp - Have a reason to use night vision and night vision scopes -to use vehicle lighting