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[SG] Exile Taviana - Server Releasing!

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Releasing on Saturday 31st October at 3PM GMT! (Tomorrow)


Required mods: LINK

Rules: LINK


Server IP:
Or search "[SG] Exile Taviana" on A3L and favourite it.

You cannot join it yet so please don't ask, it's passwored... Wait for release date/time.


Thanks to @Winky @AGR0- @Rosco Coltrane @Jacob Kirby @Socurious for helping with ideas and creating map edits.


There are still things that need to be done after launch due to me having little time to sit down and gets things done.

Such as Sector B, it will be empty for launch but we do have plans for it.


Below is our final map. (Concrete mixer is due to change)


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