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  1. That add-on is inside our SG Mod please try and repair that mod from arma 3 launcher
  2. GET READT TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Happens from time to time, when it happens relog seems to solve the issue.
  4. Sounds cool, we will see what we can figure out 🙂
  5. Problem is by limiting it to CDF is that the larger groups 5+ people will just farm it and murder you because of their numbers.
  6. Problem on Altis Vs Abramia is that the Grass is ALOT Taller on Altis compared to Abramia, it basicly means you have to Force it to Ultra and Peoples FPS will suffer, but we will take a look into what will be done, i agree it sucks to be able to see people trough hills.
  7. You are the first to report this, but we will look into it, gonna move this post to bug reports.
  8. Still what? If you get a Avalance the pickup\offroad truck and park it at island, then hurry down and pickup the crates then drive somewhere safe and fly the car away with a Heli, you will get loads of poptabs. Maybe we can remove some of the shit vehicles as rewards and have more Striders\Hunters\Ifrits as they sell for more, but that mission is not meant for grinding poptabs, that is what Capture Points are for. It is mainly there for people to get baseparts and supplies for the base like weapons\launchers.
  9. Thing is the weapons crates usually bring 15-30k each if you sell them with all content and the Building supplies sell for alot on inmate market, reason why we changed some of the rewards are due to everyone leaving everything behind except for the Crate that had Poptabs and Launchers in them, and there was way to many Stingers on the server.
  10. Thing is if we do something like this its gonna be more of a DAYZ type of gameplay, filled with even more campers and ppl who dont dare to actually push\attack people and we would literally just kill spawntown pvp.
  11. at 2 million respect you spawn with a minigun
  12. Thing is the ammo these vehicles has is VERY OP against any other vehicle\build and not to mention the ground troops, also its very hard if not impossible to shoot the crew out, we looked into adding the NYX with the Cannon on it, but upon testing it, that thing is a SAVAGE against anything equal or below it in armament, and the 2 vehicles that was suggested here has the same armament so it is most likely never gonna happen, as we are not a MILITARIZED server, there are plenty of those around.