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  1. but we dont want to blacklist that area
  2. The Regime has restored the base, please remember to pay the Taxes on time next time or the Regime will steal your base away again. It will be back when server restarts.
  3. Exile development was stopped a few years ago, so we live with what we have sadly
  4. Everything will be just as before it got deleted
  5. EVERYONE can be shot out now with almost any caliber, even driver, a lot of the exile vehicles cause fps drops and lag when they get damaged is what we found out, and we could not be bothered checking every single one of them and 99% of them was rarely used so we just removed them, they will prob never get added back.
  6. It has been removed on purpose like most of Exile vehicles as some\most of them are broken in some way.
  7. Most of our missions are custom made, problem with more AI and more buildings and stuff is lag and desync due to how badly arma is optimized.
  8. same as when you are just chilling somewhere doing a mission and a armed heli sprays u down, or you just chilling in a spawntown with spawn gear and same heli comes...
  9. You have Intel CPU go into your bios and enable all your cores to boost max(Sometimes called Multi Core Enhancement, but varies from manufactor), but u better have proper cooling and you need a Z based chipset on your motherboard to do it
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