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  1. MG-42, KSVK, PKP, FAL, M14, M21, G3 rifles also have the power to oneshot people at 1k pluss and also alot of them have suppressors Even the CZ550 22lr BOLT ACTION oneshots ppl at 1k
  2. Rosco Coltrane

    Event Idea's

    Water stuff is really something we can do on Abramia, good job @Hello
  3. Thank you for your report, we will check if we can reproduce it. Any video of it happening would be great as well.
  4. Tested the suppressor properly now, you can hear the actual gunshot from about 300m so it seems to be very well balanced for that it is, so we are gonna add it next time the Modpack Updates
  5. AS said we have plans on testing it, there has just been alot of other stuff lately that has been more important
  6. We can remove the stingers then and add in the AA NYX for a 100k then?
  7. How about we stop the Personal Attacks and actually stick to the Topic...
  8. Thing is the Pawnee's got abused, for most players with a LMG you can fight back, But when there are multiple at the same time in the same group they will just tear everything apart. Then you say it is not a problem to drive around with a Static Titan in the car, it is not that easy if you are a fairly new player or dont have a big group supporting this. Not very fun for players trying to do missions or CP's when a group of Pawnee's supported by Infantery just comming right at them and just tearing them apart. You also have to remember we have adjustted the prices for Static Titan and the Stinger + Rockets, it will Cost players to miss rockets and a Static Titan gets destroyed by 1-2 normal bullets. We are all for Balanced Gameplay on this server, but the past Month it has not been very Balanced with all the Pawnee's flying around, we have been looking at this for a while, i know it sucks for the people who likes to fly them, but you have to consider the Players who does not enjoy getting sprayed down by them day after day, The last Month or so we have gotten a big increase in complaints about Armed Heli's in General. Prices will stay as is for now and we will see how it balances the server, if Stingers gets Abused to take down any unarmed Helicopter like it was in the past we will then adjust stuff again.
  9. Thing is there was squads of Pawnee's flying around on Cherno it was getting abused alot, we have also upped the price of the Titan and Stinger launcher, the Stinger costs 40k to buy and 10k per rocket, the Titan is even more expensive, think it is 60k or something. When stuff gets abused it gets adjusted.
  10. Did a little testing with it in Armory and it works, but it seems awfully quiet for such a gun, so we did need to do more testing on it on a test server.
  11. So i did a little testing with this MOD, seems like the m110 is removed from it and it gives alot of errors since it has not been updated in a good while, so i really doubt we can use this.
  12. We have not given up to find a solution to it so dont worry
  13. Thing is if you make it less lethal will it affect the Static one?
  14. I am pretty sure the Gau-19 and Other heli's from that modpack never had third person crosshair like the Pawnee has, it still has the Screen one in first person, and as far as i remember that is how it has always been with them. As for the Pook it still has Third Person crosshair but no First Person crosshair anymore for some reason. I dont think adding Titans for people to run around with is a good idea, will ruin heli flying all together.
  15. That would be OP as fuck would it not? :P