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  1. Stinger prices are balanced as is, a lot of time and thinking has gone into the prices as they are now. They are to expensive to shoot down anything that flies but cheap enough to actually take down Armed stuff if needed, some of the helis have very good flares and is not easy to take out with 1 or 2 rockets.
  2. And you have the new Humvee's that has Minigun and Gau19 on top with actual armor that tear helis to shits
  3. That is actually a good idea tbh
  4. @Cashcake i love having fans of my fans
  5. Rosco Coltrane

    TIMING lmao

    lmao thats awesome
  6. Make all LMGs do 9 damage
  7. Level 1 base has a really small radius, so it might be why
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