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  1. Crates are meant to take and sell as a whole, then spend those poptabs to buy what you want.
  2. There is reasons for those weapons and ammo getting removed from the trader. First: everyone was using Navid on both servers and nothing else for LMG, it requires no skill and all you do is bipod and hold left click and you get a kill 1600m away Second: M107 was 99% the go to sniper on Altis and also has very little recoil compared to Lynx\Ksvk when bipodded so it also required no skill, so instead of removing it completely its now one of the things that is harder to get and why we made a mission for it and its ammo. You can still get both these guns with plenty of ammo, its just a bit more effort.
  3. Sorry we dont speak russian, you need to write it in english or get someone to translate
  4. This is an unfinsihed map and development is stopped.
  5. We cannot use that map because CUP does not allow it to be used on monetized servers. Also it would prob lag as much as Livonia did as it has same tree's, buildings and other stuff.
  6. well good thing i buffed the recoil and rate of fire then
  7. The one we have on the server has different config files
  8. dont forget about the base campers, remove bases and we get rid of them as well
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