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  1. With all the stuff that was on there you can go to BM and buy easy it made the server lag\desync a bit so we (Sean) had to come up with a fix for it, what is the point of someone putting 50 belts of Navid ammo there? or 50 mags of Cyrus ammo, its just dumb, put stuff that is hard to get on there, that is what it is for, not to put all kind of shit on there.
  2. well we did reduce them, what happend, ppl started to do missions and cp's with HMG vehicles 😛 But we are looking into reducing launchers on AI without making it so HMG\GMG and other armed vehicles will roam free, thing is you have to think about the new players who spawn and do a mission then get annihilated by a HMG\GMG camping the mission, seeing as some people camp the BM as well its not really a easy option for these new players to go to Black Market that easy to just buy the launchers, and they are expensive, thing is the reason why this server is to popular is nothing is OP and stuff is easy to get for everyone.
  3. as always good work @ImUnleasheD
  4. This is an example on how you can build your flagroom legally.
  5. Because some people liked to go out 1k+ and snipe and park vehicles there and so on, also there was some fighting going far out there, the further out people go in debug the more lag and stutters it creates for other players.
  6. Sadly no easy way to do that without making lag, we have tried a few options before and it lags the server.
  7. it varies, sometimes they die in 1 rocket and sometimes they die in 3 rockets, when i spawn them in at debug they always die to 1 rocket, but as soon as they have a player in it, then it is a whole different story
  8. Well i just tested on LIVE server, 9 waves of AI none of them had launchers and people sat in capture points on Altis in Armed vehicles, not what we want to have 😛 And if i counter it right that is 36 AI without launchers
  9. Thing Ifrit\Strider\Hunter HMG\GMG and unarmed have been buffed, i have seen them take from 1-3 rockets with direct hits before blowing up, before you had to just hit them anywhere and they died, not it is not so. We already reduced launchers, but i'll check into it if it actually worked, instead of each AI wave at CP has 100% chance to have a launcher its now down to 50%, so you might do a CP and get 3 waves and no launchers or you might get launchers on all 3 waves
  10. There is only 1 type of it on this server and that is the green one, this is a sand one
  11. Since it is a Infistar ban you have to wait until restart to join anyways.
  12. Hmm, that item there is not even on the server, are you SURE you did not get it from anywhere?
  13. This was alot of questions, i'll try and answer them as good as i can. 1: Do not troll anyone on no-pvp do not do anything there that is illegal in safezone and no you are not allowed to shoot into the no-pvp zone from outside. 2: If someone is following you and shooting activly at you dont enter Safezone\No-Pvp zone, if they shoot at you at the mission and you drive away and they are not shooting or following you then you can go to safezone. 3: look at first answer. 4: Buildings over 30m is not allowed and will be deleted by admins, with the current buildings we have it is not possible to place them higher than 30m, you could do it back when we had EBM on, and this is final word. 5: I looked at the video of you sitting in that house, i saw 3 rockets and alot of shoots going to that house and 3 people moving up to the house, so that means you where in combat even if the flashy combat thing is not showing, if you fly a helicopter and a pawnee sprays at you from a distance it will not show that flashy combat thing, same if someone shoots at you from 500m away with a sniper you will not be put into combat by the flashy thing, but you are still in combat and taking shots wich means you are not to log out, good rule of thumb is after taking shoots wait atleast 5-10min before logging out, if there is a server restart comming and you are in combat you play until you get kicked by the server. NEVER TRUST THE COMBAT FLASHING SYMBOL IN ARMA!!!
  14. There you have your answer, after checking logs it was indeed Octavia's Raiding Service that went for a visit there.