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  1. Pink Wat?

    I miss the MRC such a great gun :P
  2. Wages paid to person

    I have to say i agree with the people who want wages on the person instead of bank, but in the end it's upto Sean, Conzole and Kristian, i am sure they are aware of this post so maybe it will happen, maybe it wont
  3. Wages paid to person

    With the Perk for Wages at max u get 2000 poptabs each time
  4. Is the server duping mission vehicles?

    Thank you for your report, it has happend before as well. It will be looked into for sure
  5. CDF Bridge

    I have tried it with most of the vehicles you mention and not notice anything, there is a little bump 2 places but vehicle goes straight over, but i will test some more at restart
  6. CDF Bridge

    I have tried it a few times with different vehicles and not had the issue, can u tell us what vehicles it happens to please?
  7. 2 concurrent hacks at one time across the server

    Tested now with Sean and can confirm it works on the server #SeanFixesEverything!!!
  8. CDF Bridge

  9. Retrieve Vehicle Failed

    Thank you for your report i will make a bug report about it.
  10. Rocket Launchers

    Well if it becomes a Balance problem wich i fear it will, it can always be reverted back to old system.
  11. Rocket Launchers

    Nope, it keeps the Balance of the server
  12. Possible 2nd Server - Map Vote!

    depends on the area, sometimes it is 2fps and sometimes its 15fps
  13. The real learning to fly

    Stock up on Stingers and Static Titans for your bases boy LJK is on a warpath
  14. Vikings recruiting

    @Sean can prob fix this ;)
  15. AI at missions should have stingers

    Go to the Black Market and buy a Stinger yourself and fill a Car with rockets or buy a DSR-50 or something similar with high damage ammo, most of them take 1 shot to disable ;)