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  1. We are aware of it, Nick will look into your appeal.
  2. No we would have to redo base rules and move a lot of bases, so that cant be done.
  3. to bad the quality of the video is so SHIT you should get a proper editing software 😛
  4. King of Desync Ramming?
  5. Remember, Nick and Rosco are ALWAYS watching you!!!
  6. Easiest is to buy basepacking
  7. Buy a GMG vehicle and blow up every vehicle you see or go around and plant charges and grind peoples bases, its very very easy to get XP
  8. All Admins have SG in their name, just come on Teamspeak when you want it deleted and we will help you out 🙂
  9. So happy the M107 is getting nerfed 😛
  10. Problem with this is that the big groups also do this, suddenly you have 2 groups of 5-10 people grouping up to attack another group, this is why the rule is made. Also people abuse it to have multiple bases and it was very hard for us to keep track of it, whatever we make the rules it will always be unfair to someone sadly, but if there is people you wanna play with often you could always merge together, i know several groups have done this in the past.