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  1. Good, if you have any more issues just join our Teamspeak
  2. There was short night at end of restart, last 40min or so people still complained and left server and waited for it to become day again, no point changing it when only a few people want it, i myself would love to have Night sometimes.
  3. Wrong section on Forum, and we cant do anything about infistar ban, stop cheating in games and you wont get banned, BAD INTERNET is the excuse every lagswitcher use, its quiet obvious what u did, enjoy buying a new arma account that will get banned again if you dont stop cheating 😛
  4. Haha prob the best one you have made 😜
  5. Well, we could just make it so you are not allowed to group up with other groups or families to raid of we add option 1 it would make it more fair.
  6. I have to agree with Jimlad, it must be boring as hell for players to sit for upto 25min just looking at nothing...
  7. We have been discussing about changing the way you hack Flags and Safes. We've decided to make it into a poll to get the communities opinion. Please note that the result of the poll is not final, it's to give us an idea of what you guys want. Explanation of the poll: (Vote above) Option 1: Placing the laptop to start the hack and you're free to move about, but you need to stay close to the hacking laptop for the hack to count down. Option 2: Keep it how it currently. No changes will be made.
  8. I can see some situations it can be useful
  9. Dazhy why are my frames so low? has 500mb space left on his C Drive...
  10. Wish you would use some proper editing software so the video's dont look like crap ?
  11. @wd-40 so what kind of specs does the servers they run have, thats what i wonder ?