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  1. Potato(killer) with beef parts and funkx sauce :)

    Very nice Desync on some of those players there
  2. New mods Red Hammer Studios

    I agree with you Jimlad, its just BS that we cant use it :(
  3. More/New Spawn Locations

    Balota is Main PVP Town at the moment, that is why it is a spawntown, Military loot + Players = PVP Area Most people build bases in the middle of the map so they can spawn there, we also have a Perk u can grind towards that lets you spawn i think it is every 10min instead of 15min at your base.
  4. NPC lost in action

    That is Arma, they have probably followed a player
  5. When Conzole Failed as a Santa

    U Killed Sada... https://clips.twitch.tv/EasyVainAuberginePJSalt
  6. Poor armed Heli

    Well if we add flares to them the prices of them will probably go up to something equal to the Escort when we had CUP vehicles, or else u can dominate the sky, i suggest using the armed hellcat if u want flares for now.
  7. Cap missions - money in box or lose it if you log out ?

    They will lose it if they logout, used to be setup like that atleast
  8. Loading Screen Message Suggestions

    Who Let Kristian out?
  9. Loading Screen Message Suggestions

  10. Loading Screen Message Suggestions

    Where is Jukka Pekka?
  11. Loading Screen Message Suggestions

    Error removing salty players
  12. Loading Screen Message Suggestions

    Loading in Uncle OlliE
  13. Loading Screen Message Suggestions

    Battleye Kicked Again?
  14. Randomly getting kicked

    Also try verifying Arma 3 and all mods either with Steam or A3 Launcher
  15. OP NIArms NIArsenal Ammo

    Most of them dont even go trough wood walls\bushes\tree's so they are not that good, also do not always trust what the trader says ;)