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  1. To easy to dupe the weapons sadly we looked into it in the past and it creates more issues than its worth sadly.
  2. This is a Sean issue regardless as he is only one with access to server files for security reasons.
  3. Because Altis is a Official Map and if i remember right it was not easy or possible to do it there like it is on a modded map
  4. Yupp i know what you mean, i know Sean did some magic on Abrambia when we had that, but not sure how easy it is to do on Cherno but he will look at this, thank you for the suggestion
  5. we can always look into it, i understand the problem with people sinking into the ground, that is why we have hotkeys to lower\raise terrain and viewdistance, they are located in the Infistar Keybinds Menu when you press Escape.
  6. The main problem lately has been HE rockets and we increased the price of these and it seems to have good effect, as backpacks was filled with those, i assume they may have switched to AT rockets now then... Problem with editing anything other than trader prices is we need to update the modpack and that is a lot of hassle due to how bohemia has changed certain things, but rockets have higher mass than standard already, but we will look into it but cant promise anything.
  7. Changed: When untowing a vehicle that is under the ground, it will now be moved above ground.
  8. Stinger prices are balanced as is, a lot of time and thinking has gone into the prices as they are now. They are to expensive to shoot down anything that flies but cheap enough to actually take down Armed stuff if needed, some of the helis have very good flares and is not easy to take out with 1 or 2 rockets.
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