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Some debug`s changes

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How we all know debug is not a playable area, but there are so many people who is breaking this rule.
Maybe they just don`t read the rules, or can`t translate them, maybe punishment is not strong enough, but they move in the debug and have advantage over the other players, it is fact.
I suggest some different ways to solve this problem:
1) The strictest - if you go to debug you will die and loss all your inventory
This way is so strict in my mind but it of course decide the problem (for notice new players, you can mark this place like die zones or sth else)

2)Make radiation in debug, this rad should be more dangerous then radiation in the rad zone and gaz mask shouldn`t work

I see this solution on some servers, and it had warked.

3)Very annoying messages. When you go to debug you will have this message with warning that you can loss all your inventory


I hope you pay attention to this problem.

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If players go into the debug and an admin see it, they'll be punished.


As Rosco said, adding something like what you suggested would add more stress on the server and most likely create lag or reduced fps.


I guess the best course of action is to simply report them with evidence and it'll be handled.

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I remember having some good debug fights on other servers.

Never saw any issues with being able to go in debug.


Is there someone that can clarify why this rule is actually in place?


The way i see it is: The less rules,

*the less reporting

*less work for admins

*more time to play if you dont have to bother with reporting players.



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