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  1. You know they've said like 10 times they won't be changing it, right?
  2. Go anywhere near the edge of the map on the north and you'll see it does the same exact thing as on Isla. I know getting rid of Low settings would help, but as I said, it would alienate those with shitty PC's (Hi Bwana!) and would not make the miracle fix I think you guys are looking for. I think if more people/groups asked for it, might be worth more consideration.
  3. It happens in Cherno just the same as it happens here, but you've dealt with it there without complaint (so far). Why change it? Forcing people off low settings won't fix it as it still occurs of medium (albeit not as much.)
  4. Forced graphics settings alienates those with bad computers. I think it's just something people need to deal with (the mountains disappearing that is). If you've played on a3 panthera it was an issue there too, and we all just learned to live with it.
  5. The other mod has most of those scopes in it so it isn't that big of a deal
  6. Sounds good. I'd be eternally grateful.
  7. Hello! I was looking at some new additions to SG mod, after talking with some of the admins in the past. I think we could use some new scopes/weapons since KA was removed, and I suggest either https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=699630614 or http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22746 I know that the second one is only made in 2015, but it should work fine because we use mods older than this (NiArms has modules that we use from 2014). The liscense it uses states that You let others copy, distribute, display, perform, and (unless you have chosen NoDerivatives) modify and use your work for any purpose other than commercially unless they get your permission first. This means that we could use it as long as we are not selling services using the mod for money. Thanks for taking a look and considering my suggestion!
  8. Please donate Duct Tape to Mr Tickles, his car likes making friends with trees
  9. Just get the stuff from CDF :P
  10. Anyone else like Nighttime? I miss having a use for NV, flares, etc. It keeps the game interesting instead of being day 24/7/365
  11. You never said if I could join :(