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  1. What.... Is he dumb haha
  2. Dr. Phil

    Kill comp #1

    No really thank you so much.
  3. Dr. Phil

    Kill comp #1

    Don't type anymore now your pic is on the front page...... !!!!!!!
  4. Dr. Phil

    Kill comp #1

    No, i just wanted it on the front page. HAHA
  5. Dr. Phil

    Kill comp #1

    Just puting it back on the front page xD
  6. Dr. Phil

    PROJECT C-11

    Very nice, will be waiting for more
  7. Just wanted my picture on the forum and not Jimlad's senn his for so long... LOL
  8. Dr. Phil


    That gamma is fucking with my head.
  9. True enough, but still i have dodged 4 stinger shot before by using flares and in my opinion that's too many ?
  10. Cant it shoot them out like 10 times or so? As far as i know ?
  11. What about the pawnees then? They are in my opinion quite hard to shoot down if they are flying high.... Because of the flares. I get they might need flares, but maybe reduce them so they can only shoot out 4 - 5 flares before they need to rearm ?
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