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  1. Also, it seems you are loading into Tanoa?
  2. try these steps on the SG Mod Best way to get Steam to force download mods: - Unsubscribe from the broken mod. - Confirm all files related to the broken mod are deleted. If not, delete them yourself. Workshop mods can usually be found here (depending on your setup): D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop - Close Steam and make sure all launchers are closed. - Open Steam and Subscribe to the mod again and let it download. this is a direct download to the sg mod also, you can try put that into your arma mods folder directly https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E9MZPX0QqVqrftH1agJalZauBUA8BXFq/view?usp=drive_open
  3. Wint be disabled but if you are taking part in the event you will have to leave your group, we will check the players at the event to make sure there is no teams
  4. 1. Vip members are given what is listed on the store and nothing else, we give them no privilages above anyone else 2. To punish a player we need sufficient evidence, we wouldnt like to ban a player for them to be wrongfully banned.
  5. https://www.spartangaming.co.uk/rewards/
  6. wont be wiped early, we have to wipe it correctly and this takes time
  7. Opie

    ill just leave that here

    fair play, good shot
  8. couldnt watch it all, video was too long
  9. Opie

    Some Clan Montage #1

  10. Opie

    Now was a good time ARMA

    How did he not kill you
  11. Opie


    its a no from me
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