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  1. Im not sure if this has been brought up before but i've discussed this with someone within our group. Id like to propose a change to how much respect you lose to NPC's. Right now you lose the same ammount as you would to another player, (2% of you own respect). I suggest you make it 1%, or lower it to however you see fit. Or what do you guys think?
  2. What about removing respect from NPCs in exchange for NPCs only making you lose 1%?
  3. Suprised you dont support this considering your XXXX ammount of deaths to NPCs
  4. Cashcake

    Fragtage #2

    Another fragtage, just had to test out new editing software
  5. Cashcake

    Fragtage #2

    bhad bhabie or sum 41? xd
  6. Cashcake

    Fragtage #2

    nah it's fire dude stfu
  7. Also: Proof Kray is gay
  8. the fuck did you just say to me
  9. @LiveJasmin LOOOOOL I didnt know i was shooting through, just wanted to say hello to taric xd