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  1. cant be fucked to read or look up, what's the new map called?
  2. Cashcake

    frags 11

  3. Make a poll called "Make the game less enjoyable" You can vote yes, and you can let us vote "No, we are stupid pussies that dont know how to play the game". Trash polls get gud.
  4. You're playing the wrong mod my guy
  5. just make your base unraidable ezfix
  6. Cashcake

    mambo no.10

  8. Cashcake

    PROJECT C-11

    First attempt at making this style of edit. Colors were a bit off at times and some cinematic felt a bit weird, but hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to give feedback on it as id like to make more like this in the future.
  9. bump, anything goes
  10. idea: make the whole map flat and remove all trees & obstacles. Actually make it just like the virtual arsenal.
  11. I want to try make a propper edit with "good aesthetics" & with decent cinematics so if you have a very good clip from chernarus in good quality please send me a message or just link the clip in this thread. It can be anything, pawnee, infantry, sniper, tank or whatever, but clips longer than 20 sec would be perfered. It doesnt have to be from this server, just as long as it's on chernarus. :)))))))))))))))))))))))
  12. Terrible transitions but whatever
  13. Cashcake


    read again
  14. 1,5k more expensive rearm, smh fix ur game @Sean. How can anyone afford that.
  15. Cashcake


    i know but ive been using it for so long now that i cant go back
  16. Cashcake


    no shadow gang rise up
  17. BIG yikes for me there. Anyways, what about iglas then? And as far as spitfire goes, what about forcing spitfires to rearm at airfields and not in safezone so i can camp the fuck out of @LiveJasmin when he's in it.
  18. I just dont see the point with bringing in tanks to the discussion when that is obviously not what im asking for.
  19. I asked for a cheaper and less effective AA tool, not a fucking OP tank. Stop giving bullshit and take suggestion threads more serious in the future thanks. But if there are no good AA-veichles that are fairly balanced then just say so.
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