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  1. I have 5k hours in Arma according to steam. 90% of those are in exile.
  2. I have to disagree. People nonstop offline raid lol and barely anyone messes with em.
  3. Buy one and let us know 🙂
  4. OkamiDin

    What Wat? Part 18

  5. I've played many hours of exile and I have never seen a server allow people to put vehicles inside of a base to shoot from with ONLY the gun visable. My idea is to set a rule that all vehicles in bases that are used to gun other players / missions / bases, ect that the VEHICLE MUST BE VISABLE. There isn't any counter play for small groups or solo players who come to the server for that. It's kinda pointless.
  6. Nah. That mod looks cool but causes way to many issues.
  7. If you do infact add another map my vote would be for a hardcore first person only lingor. Makes the jungle so much more interesting! Outside of that, a Namalsk server would be pretty interesting to say the least.
  8. Adding a vehicle health icon set to the screen is just extra clutter and would look terrible imo. There is a feature in the XM8 for it already as Sean has mentioned.
  9. Damn, the splash damage is what makes it fun! I was sad when I bought the littlebird gunship and it had no splash. Outside of that, the whole bird just felt very.... clunky in movements. If you're buying armed heli, pawnee is the way to go. 🙂 Now when you buy that plane, will it be armed automatically?
  10. I don't care for offline raiders or raiding but it is apart of the game. Learn to adjust your building for defensive and learn from each time they come in. Make it cost more then they are receiving in the raid. If they're spending 500k to get to your safes and only getting 100k from those safes then they'll learn to leave you alone.
  11. If you get tired of it, when they are online and you know the vehicle is out, fly back, halo to the base with some explosives and blow up the truck. Eventually their bank will get low. 🙂
  12. That looks pretty cool but it would have to have restrictions as far as how it can be used, like base raiding. It would be a bit too OP.
  13. Piggybacking off what Kimlad said, people enjoy blowing up vehicles for the exp reward but mostly for the hell of it. Store EVERYTHING in your VG if at all possible.