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  1. jiggaman

    Good old close combat

    who the fooks this guy lmao connor mcgrergor lol
  2. what the fuck did i just watch a video of how not to play exile pmsl hes crawling in the grass oh my lord
  3. this is why i hate bases thanks for the tour tho german as that the first time i seen inside the base lol think i might call round yours pay you a visit
  4. great video bro not sure about that racket in the back i can hear lol
  5. jiggaman

    SG vol. 6

    its just random music its better than all us talking just shit but if you would like a shout out and request a title of a song to suit your taste im sure he can oblige for 5 euros pm mako for paypal details
  6. sorry i cant come into work today ive got that arma bug
  7. i agree if it helps server.. im sure we will have countless fun getting are shit back together :)