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  1. Well yeah i guess. Like i said it isn't really a complaint. Its just a general opinion and question. I'm just wondering who likes what. Like i said as far as i know there isn't any arma 3 servers that offer the arma 2 overpoch style missions where it was just fun and didn't have a constant spawn of people coming back to the missions making it feel like we were playing on balota airfield even when up in debug.
  2. Yeah, i agree. I like the action. However it gets a little annoying when you kill people at a mission and minutes later they are already back and fighting. Personally i feel that you aint "rewarded" for killing those players and you can lose everything you have earn't in a second. "Even without the northern spawn points, people have the ability to spawn at their base, which may be close to a mission you're trying to complete. Although, they're limited to 1 spawn ever X minutes." - Personally i dont mind this as they've set that base up and had to pay for that base. The fact the mission is next to their base is a chance so it doesn't make it as bad and if they respawn at their base and come back, then fair enough. they've spend that 1 spawn they get to get back their and this gives you some caution towards the bases around you as you don't know if they own them etc. idk. I understand why some people like the spawns but personally i feel it gets a little deathmatchy especially if the server is at 60 pop.
  3. Just a general question/poll on who actually likes the northern spawn points? Personally i'm not a fan of the spawn points. some pros are :you Spawn up north, not having to spend time to get up north, the Traders pretty close and you have action right away at missions. However the cons of this is :You complete a mission, kill all the other players in surrounding areas and even in debug but they return 5 mins later because there are spawns ad gvod and ghost town and its Too easy, you have access to everything right away. I had a situation today where i dont blame the players but i was completing a mission and the same 2 groups of people came back a good 3-4 times before they eventually "gave up". Personally I've also done the same thing, returning to the mission less than 2 mins later retrieving my gear I understand that this isn't no arma 2 but i miss the days when you could complete a mission and kill the players there at said mission and feel rewarded for it, instead of it feeling like a death match. Like i said i'm just wondering what everyone's opinions are on this and if anyone has experienced this themselves. *Edit* Everything else on the server is great!
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